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10th Anniversary Gifts for Him

10th Anniversary Gifts for Him
Buying a gift for a man is a tough task. With limited options, the gifts get repetitive and lose their charm. This anniversary, think out of the box and make his day memorable with these gifts.
Mukta Gaikwad
Anniversaries mark the years gone by, filled with numerous experiences that brought you closer with each passing day. It is the day that demands celebration in a unique way, even though it comes every year. Although you guys have been together for ten years, gift ideas for him have to be unique. They have to surprise him and make him fall in love with you all over again. Making a gift, is a way of reinventing your romance and reliving those days of love, that are lost in building other aspects of life.
Love Trail
A love that happened at first sight would enjoy a little reminder of how it happened and would make a memorable 10th anniversary gift for him and you! Instead of all those high-priced gifts, map a love trail for both of you that will take you down memory lane, to relive those moments of love. You can possibly never forget the place where you met him the first time. Make that place your starting point and spend the rest of the day at coffee shops you visited, movies theaters you frequented and the restaurant you dined at on your first date. End this gift by proposing to him, asking him to take the vows for the decades to come!
This gift idea is used by most teenagers as a birthday gift for their friends, as it represents the best moments spent together. This anniversary gift your man with a scrapbook made out of your pictures taken years ago, movie tickets that you've saved (if you haven't, then make duplicate ones), stubs from places you've been to, comic strips you've read together and trinkets that have memories attached. It will give you ample space to write a few notes of love as well. Such a compendium of sweet everything will definitely sweep him off the floor.
Dinner Date
Growing up makes you think twice about childish fun. But here's your chance to indulge in a simple date without any fancy frills and pretentious bills. Most anniversary dinner dates are dominated by expensive dinners with champagnes at five star hotels. Instead, cook him a meal of his favorite dishes, all by yourself and go all out to buy the finest wine for the occasion. Set up the romantic dinner under the starlight sky and light a candle for just enough light for the two of you. Make the time just like it used to be, when you started dating. Make the dinner cozy by ordering in a few DVDs of yours and his favorite movies and spend the date reminiscing the times like these. It is the time that you spend with him, and the effort put in making his favorite meal, that will be valued more than any other expensive gift.
Spa Treat
Spas are synonymous with women but increasing awareness about well-being has seen a number of men at spas for relaxing and rejuvenating therapies. This anniversary gift him a spa therapy to soothe his senses and rejuvenate his mind from day-to-day worries. Better still, make this a couple activity by indulging in it together. Enjoy a day out, away from the pressures of routine. Soak in the earthly pleasures, as the essential oils invigorate the essential spirit for the rest of the day!
Breaking conventional norms, these gifts will make the day an unforgettable memory, that he will have to match up with his creative thinking. A gift that reflects your thought and originality, will always be treasured and remembered for its genuine presentation. It is very easy to pick up a highly priced gift from a mall or order one online. However, to actually make a gift that will include the two of you, is a task that requires your imagination and effort. These unconventional gifts are a great way of showing how much you care and how far you'd walk to make his life special.
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