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1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Parul Solanki Jun 18, 2019
The1st wedding anniversary holds a special significance for any married couple. Here are some great anniversary gift ideas, that can help you express your love and commitment to your partner.
As couples celebrate their first wedding anniversary, they reminisce the one year of the most romantic phase of their life. This special day also marks the conclusion of a year of significant adjustments, as the newlywed couple gets to know one another better and settles into the married life.
While all the future anniversaries of the couple will be important, the first one always holds a special charm. However, finding the perfect anniversary gift to mark this special occasion can be quite a difficult task.
Although, your love and best wishes may be the perfect gift for your spouse, adorning it with a tangible item is a good idea. In fact, with a special gift, you can express your love and feelings for each other. So, whether it is a traditional or a modern gift, here are some great gift ideas that are sure to be a hit with your partner.

Traditional 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper. Yes, we know that sounds quite boring but there are many interpretations of what paper gifts can be. This include photo albums, pictures, books, or some magazine subscriptions. Here are some traditional first anniversary gifts ideas.

Bouquet of Paper Flowers

Give your spouse a bouquet of rose paper flowers for making that big impression. You can either purchase these or choose to make them yourself. The best part of the deal is that unlike real flowers, paper bouquets never die.

Show/Concert Tickets

Tickets are quite a non-expensive way to celebrate the paper anniversary. Based on your interests, you can purchase a pair of tickets to an amusement park, festival, play, or sporting event.
Many of these entertainment hotspots offer tickets through local grocery stores and online, as well as on site. For those willing to stretch the budget a bit, try gifting a tour ticket for that romantic getaway on that special day.

Photo Album

A silver-framed photo album, with the wedding picture in it, can be a wonderful gift idea. Most of these photo gifts have unique designs, combined with a subtle tone-on-tone background of happy anniversary wishes.
Alternately, you can also go for a photo book, where all the special moments of the married life, captured by the cameras, are compiled and presented.


Gift your spouse or the anniversary couple a book written by their favorite author and watch that smile light up their face.


Gift your spouse a special work of art, that touches the heart and soul and brings beauty to your life.
Apart from this, there are many quirky paper gift ideas like a "message in a bottle", where you can use a personalized poem, romantic letter, or treasure map. Roll it tightly, tying it off with ribbon or string, insert this into a bottle, and cork the opening. You can also choose to have an anniversary message engraved on the bottle for a personalized touch.

Modern 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Clocks are the suggested modern gift for the first wedding anniversary. This can include clocks, and watches. You can choose to buy each other watches and have them engraved with a special message. A broader interpretation of the modern gift is to include gifts of time, such as a date or a weekend away.
For those who would not like to use these traditional and modernĀ 1st anniversary gift ideas, they can choose gifts like perfumes, a spa rejuvenation therapy, or simply a beautiful diamond ring. After all, the main purpose of choosing any gift is to light up the faces of those who receive these.