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Crazily-romantic 1 Year Anniversary Ideas You Just Need to Try

1 Year Anniversary Ideas
Congratulations! You guys have completed a year of loving each other. Being in a relationship with someone for over a year is not that simple and surely not easy. So let's make this day special by surprising each other with some lovely tokens of love.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Celebrating 1 year of a relationship is certainly a big deal. In a world where people have started taking each other for granted, it is great that you have found someone special with whom you have spent an entire year. After spending such an amazing time, it is certain that you would want to make the 1st anniversary special for your partner. If it was in my hand as an anniversary gift, I would put the entire world in my partner's feet, but obviously that's not possible. So, let's talk about some cool first anniversary ideas that are enough to show your partner the appreciation and love that you feel.
Dating Anniversary Ideas
Relationships that last a year is a rare sight these days. People who have been together for about a year have a lot to celebrate. Guys you must have thought about birthday gifts or even gifts for various occasions, but everything about the 1st year anniversary has to be special.
  • A great way to make the day exciting is to cook his/her favorite food and don't forget to make his/her favorite dessert. If you are not a pro in the cooking department, you can order food from your partner's favorite restaurant.
  • One of the best anniversary ideas is to go on a weekend getaway to a place far away from the city. If you search you can find many hotels and beach resorts that offer special anniversary packages which includes meals, breakfast and a complimentary bottle of wine.
  • Another great way to show celebrate the anniversary is by making a collage of all his/her pictures since childhood. OR You can also take a digital scan of these images and storing them in a digital photo frame.
1 Year Wedding Anniversary Ideas
Thousands and millions of greeting cards are bought on anniversaries and gifted to each other. In the good old days, anniversary gifts were more traditional but now there are infinite options that it actually becomes difficult to decide on a good anniversary gift. The first year of a marriage is special to both the partners. Although, both have been together for a while, marriage does bring in a newness and stability which wasn't there before. Here are some ideas to make the first wedding anniversary special.
  • Go to the same place where you guys had your first date and order the same food. It is like revisiting those moments where two people met on a casual date and are now in the midst of a wonderful journey called marriage.
  • Another great idea is to go for a second honeymoon. Just take the day off and head to a wonderful holiday spot. If your anniversary falls in the holiday season, ensure to make prior travel arrangements to avoid disappointment.
  • If you can't think of anything good, relaxing at home and cooking dinner together is also a great way to celebrate the first wedding anniversary.
So, these were some of the best anniversary ideas for completing a year together. There is actually no limit to gift ideas that one can come up with. Just by using some creativity and applying your own imagination, an individual can up with a lot of amazing ideas which will be appreciated by your partner.