20th Anniversary Traditional Gift

20th Anniversary Traditional Gift

Celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary soon? Then you'll need some 20th anniversary traditional gift ideas. Read the following article for just that.
20 years. Not an insignificant number by any means. So what have you planned for the big day? How are you guys going to get in the 20th wedding anniversary? Are there going to be trips taken together or vows re-read? Or a simple party for guests and a luncheon out? Whatever the celebration plans, a wedding anniversary can never be complete without a gift. And if you're looking for some gift ideas, then that's what this article will do for you. Just sift through the article and pick up some ideas for anniversary gifts ... then surprise the significant other.

20th Anniversary Gifts for Men

If you go with the concept of traditional anniversary gifts by year, then the chosen gift for this year is china. Gifting a special china piece provides for varied options to choose from. Here are some anniversary gift ideas that you can use.

A Trip for Two
How's that an exclusive gift for him? It isn't. So what. It's your anniversary as well! Enjoy a little. Plan a trip to ... China. And make it a great one. If possible, surprise him with this twist to the traditional wedding anniversary gift (I mean, there is China involved, isn't there?) and just whisk him off for a week or so. What a romantic gift that would be. Of course if china is not in your budget, then a trip to any other place will be just as fun.

Gather Your Friends Around
Simple and sweet. Just call all your friends for a BBQ style dinner or a picnic. Include all those people who've known you for the past 20 years and before that. And those who've been with you since you became a couple. Just let the evening roll with memories re-lived and experiences re-visited. It will definitely get you closer seeing how you've been through so much and continued to go on.

20 Dishes
So the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Absolutely true. On this special day then, cook up 20 of his favorite dishes. They could be as simple as popcorn and as tough as a four course meal. Every item counts. Lay the table with the special china, especially brought out for this occasion and watch him savor the meal.

20th Anniversary Gifts for Women

The 20th anniversary traditional gift is china, but the modern gift is platinum. Maybe you'd want to look into that one as a 20th anniversary gift for her?

Jewelry Box
Purchase a delicately built, intricately deigned china box for all her special jewelry. Want to go a step further with it? Put a platinum ring in it and she'll be floored!

20 Letters
Gift her a box of 20 handwritten letters. One letter for each year that you've spent together. You can use your own style in writing these. You could go with a humorous touch or make it a sentimental worded piece. Describing how each year went by and what you'll learned from each. The fights and arguments you had but how you can turn back and laugh at them now.

Jewelry Pieces
There are such exclusive and beautiful pieces of jewelry that have come up, you'll be spoiled for choice. There are life affirmation bangles, silver sweetie rings, 'Forget me not' bracelets, Infinity twist necklaces and earrings, guardian angel lockets, silver crochet bracelets, brooches, and more. Choose something that you think she'll really like.

Unisex Anniversary Gifts
  • Photo frames
  • Spa treatments
  • Perfumes
  • Gift certificates
  • Books (really expensive ones)
These traditional gift ideas are not difficult to come by if you just think about your time together and come up with something meaningful and touching. For everything else you can refer to the article.
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