40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversaries are special; and when it's your 40th, the celebrations have to be grand. But first, read this CelebrationJoy article to find the perfect gift for the one you love.
CelebrationJoy Staff
Marriage is a strong bond which holds the entire family together. Spending 40 years of your life with someone you love is a huge milestone, even if it isn't considered as a golden, silver, or diamond anniversary. For a family, it is nothing but a huge commitment towards your family and the values you impart with each other.

On the extra special occasion, you would undoubtedly want to surprise your beloved with a heart-warming gift. Here are some simple, yet priceless suggestions.
Gift Ideas for Your Anniversary
Mix tape with songs, jewelry, and picture frames seem very boring as gifts. Plus, it's not so difficult to come up with innovative ideas.
Cruise Away
Cruise Away
With all the responsibilities at home and work, there may be times when you've put things off. Now's the time to really enjoy, and not worry about the expenses. You can choose from different cruise vacations and packages offered for couples only. This vacation will give you a chance to spend some quality time with your spouse, and not constantly worry about any responsibilities. A cruise is the perfect way to relax and let loose.
Relaxing at the Spa
Relaxing at the Spa
One of the most relaxing and unwinding places for a couple is a spa. You may think that spas are only for women, but it's far from the truth; they cater to men as well. A gift certificate at the day spa will treat both you to a wonderful experience. A day spa offers a quiet and peaceful atmosphere every individual wishes for. You can get herbal or aromatherapy massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and body treatments.
Family Beach Vacation
family on vacation
There are tons of destinations to choose from, that everyone can enjoy the trip. You can include a road trip with your vacation, and discover new places along the way. Take a couple of stops in the middle to have breakfast or lunch at the diners on the way. It only adds to the entire package of going on a trip together. There are tons of beach resorts to choose from at your destination and will deliver a wide range of activities for everyone in the family. Spend the days swimming in the pool or sea, snorkeling, snowboarding, golfing, and playing tennis, or plan a beach treasure hunt.
A Night of Romance
A Night of Romance
Plan an entire evening for both of you to enjoy the company of fine dining and theater. Buy two tickets to your favorite musical or show at the theater. And after the show, hire a limousine to drop you two off at the hotel for dinner reservations. Make reservations in advance, ask the hotel if they could chill a bottle of champagne, and serve you as soon as you arrive. If you want, you can also plan what to order beforehand so that you don't get interrupted by the server taking the order. Everything will be brought to you at their table while you enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner.
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