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Adorable 50th Anniversary Gifts

Aakash Singh Oct 6, 2018
50th anniversary gifts must be special because the occasion marks your togetherness for half a century. Here we will give you few ideas for this lovely occasion.
The occasion of a 50th wedding anniversary is amongst the most special moments of one's life. It's a great deal to spend that much time together. Spending 50 years together means that the couple can't get enough of one another. To mark this special moment, you've got to plan out something unique, which will be memorable for the coming years of your life.

Gift Ideas

50th anniversary is also called the golden anniversary. It is depicted by the golden theme. Hence, it will be a great idea to get a few presents with golden theme to commemorate the occasion.

Golden Jewelry

To mark this special occasion what can be a better gift than gold jewelry. Since it's a golden year it would be best to give your partner gold jewelry.
Wives can give their husbands probably, a gold ring or a gold watch. And husbands can probably give their wives gold jewelry like earrings, a pendant, necklace, bracelet, etc.
Husbands have got to take a lot of care while choosing appropriate gold jewelry for their wives, as you must give her something which she doesn't have. So you should carefully scrutinize the jewelry she already has, and then choose something unique and special.

Golden Album

Since you have spent so many years together, I am sure there will be many photographs which can translate your journey together, throughout these years. It is a great idea to bring down all these pictures together.
You can probably get a golden album, of course, not made of real gold but then with a golden cover, pages, borders, etc.

Golden Photo frame

As gifts, photo frames never go out of style. For your 50th anniversary you can get a grand personalized gift in the form or a golden photo frame. It must be of a kind which looks great and the photograph must be a special one.
The photo can be either of your wedding day or probably the first photo of you two together. Today you can get a variety of specific personalized photo frames from various shops.

A Romantic Trip

I think, by far, this can be the best, the most memorable and romantic gift of all. You can plan out a romantic trip maybe, to either of your hometowns or the place where you had been for your honeymoon.
Going on a cruise can be great, and will be a very memorable trip. Make sure to plan it out in advance as there may be availability problems later, and also if booked in advance you may pay less for the trip.

Personalized Message in a Bottle

This one can really be a sweet present. It consists of a golden box, which contains a glass bottle and it will have your personalized message written for your loved one.
It can be a message or a short and sweet poem written for your partner. It looks fabulous, and a lovely message can be alluring. It may not be on the traditional gifts list, but then it will surely be enticing.
Please note that these were just few examples and are like a drop in the ocean. Remember the more unique and more personal the present is, the more enchanting it will be. Cheers!