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50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas That'll Help You Renew Your Vows

50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas
Is it your parents' golden wedding anniversary, and are you looking for some ideas to celebrate this special occasion? If yes, here you will find some ideas that you can use to make this day a memorable one for your parents.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day.
― Gene Perret
Golden anniversary
Celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary is definitely a great thing. Couples who have lived together for half a century will be able to tell you that it wasn't always a smooth ride. They must surely have had their share of hardships, fights, and differences. However, what matters is the fact that they resolved their differences with the help of mutual love, respect, and trust.
Such determination and perseverance does need appreciation, and the best way would be to do something special for the couple. So, if your parents or a couple very close to you is reaching their fiftieth wedding anniversary, here are some ideas which you can use to make it a day to remember.
Golden Wedding Anniversary Ideas
Most couples would want to celebrate their special day with their family and close friends. So, regardless of whatever you might be planning for the celebrations, this has to be kept in mind at all times. If you're confused about what you want to do, take a look at the following sections of this article for some inspiration.
Renewal of Vows
If you're looking to make this day romantic for the couple, why not get them married again? This will definitely count as one of the most unique celebration ideas. This way, not only will you get a chance to watch your parents get married, but also to become a bridesmaid or groomsman. Decide where you'd like to have the wedding, and try to arrange it at the same place where they originally got married all those years ago. Involve your parents in the preparations so as to ensure that everything happens according to their wishes and desires. 
Send out the invites a couple of months prior to the wedding, and get all the arrangements in place, namely the food, clothes for the couple as well as the wedding party well in advance before the actual day. You can also arrange for the songs that were played in their wedding to be played during the ceremony and reception.
A Special Party
50th anniversary
Throwing an anniversary party for the couple is a great idea. As this occasion is known as a golden anniversary, you can arrange a party with gold as the primary theme. From the invitations to the decorations, make use of golden color to add glitter and extravaganza to the party. To make it a special occasion for the couple, contact their long-lost friends who were present for their wedding fifty years ago and invite them to the party.
50th anniversary surprise party
If you want to host an elegant, fancy get-together, arrange for champagne, delicious food, and soft music in the background. You can have the couple dance to their favorite tunes and enjoy their favorite jokes with their favorite people. Get a special cake for them to cut, and watch them blush when everyone cheers!
Amazing Gifts
An occasion as special as this can never be complete without gifts. Though the traditional present for the fiftieth year is gold, it is a gift that the husband and wife should give each other. In case of family and friends, there are lots of things that they can give the couple other than kitchenware, cutlery, silverware, etc.
50th anniversary beach holiday
If you have an expensive budget, send your parents for a vacation to an exotic place, or maybe for a cruise.
50th anniversary dinner date
You can provide them with coupons to dine at their favorite restaurant.
A simple poem or a drawing from one of the children or grandchildren will also be a wonderful present. A scrapbook with all the photographs of the couple's life during fifty years of their marriage, starting with the wedding day can also be a sentimental and beautiful gift for their golden jubilee celebrations.
50th anniversary family picnic
Apart from these ideas, the best idea would be to have a small family get-together with you and your siblings spending a few days with your parents.
One must remember that it is not the money that you spend that matters, but the effort and thoughts that you put into making it a special day. We hope our ideas and suggestions helped! All the best while planning a wonderful celebration!
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