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50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Parul Solanki Sep 29, 2018
The 50th wedding anniversary is a momentous day for a couple. Celebrate this day in style by throwing an anniversary party. Take a look at these 50th wedding anniversary party ideas that will help you chalk out a grand party for the golden couple.
The 50th anniversary is a milestone for all couples who have survived life's ups and downs in the 50 years of togetherness. Even as the couple look back on their fond memories of being together, the friends and family of the couple would want to celebrate this momentous day.
So how about throwing a party to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary in style? The anniversary party will help you rejoice all the moments you have spent together and serves as the perfect occasion to walk down the memory lanes.
There are many things to keep in mind while planning a golden anniversary party. This includes the location, party invitations, the decorations, and not to forget the food. Try to incorporate the gold theme into the ideas, making the party symbolic of 50th anniversary.

Ideas For 50th Anniversary Party

The Invitations

There are many unique anniversary party invitation ideas out there.
Either choose to make homemade invitations with picture of the couple on the wedding day or make heart-shaped invitations out of construction paper or card stock and then decorate it using lace trim or doilies. You can include romantic quotes or lyrics of some love song from the era gone by.
Want a more funkier party invitation, then roll up the details of the party on a piece of colorful paper and tie it with a golden bandanna. The guests can wear the bandanna as they enter the party.

The Decorations

Use the golden theme for the party decorations. Create the perfect ambiance by using traditional elements to decorate the party such as, using ivory table linens and white china with golden trims.
The tables can be decorated with centerpieces made out of ivory colored pillar candles placed upon golden plates. The candles can be decorated by placing a ring of golden tulle and small violets, tied around the base of the candle.
Write the place cards with gold ink and gather photographs of the couple and put them in golden frames. Place these frames throughout the venue to rekindle the nostalgia. You can also decorate the party venue with golden and silver balloons or include the couple's favorite song of that era for a dramatic effect.

The Gift Ideas

While selecting the gift for the couple, consult the people closest to them. Some of the wedding anniversary gift ideas for the occasion are gold keys, golden caviar and tasting spoon, or a storage chest or wooden box.
The couple can also exchange gold rings as a remembrance of the engagement. Include a personalized cards with the gift.  Remember, that sometimes the most precious of the gifts cost very little, so why not give the couple a framed picture of the family tree or even a poem written by their loved ones.

The Party Activities

There are many party ideas that you can incorporate for the party. Ask couples who will be attending the party to bring along a wedding photo or one of them together in their younger days or organize a "How Well Do You Know the Happy Couple" party game.
For the game, the guests would have to answer questions like how you met, where you had your first date, favorite pastimes, most annoying habit, or most endearing quality. A great party idea is to put up a slide show with pictures of the couple when they first met and progressing through the years of children and grandchildren.
Remember that the 50th wedding anniversary is a special time for the couple, so, include all their family and friends for an enjoyable time together.