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6 Ways to Beat Boredom With Your Friends

Modern Times Aug 28, 2019
If you are looking for something interesting to do with your friends to break the monotony of everyday life, consider meeting up with them and trying these six ideas!
Life can get really boring at times, even if you have great and exciting friends. Even things you all like to do together can feel common after a while. Luckily, there are a bunch of things your group can do, that will lessen boredom and bring you closer!

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team!

Even if you and your friends are not big sports fans, seeing a sporting event together can bring you all closer and deepen your bond. It can also strengthen the bond you have with your city, and help you develop more pride in your city!

To Be or Not to Be in the Theater With Your Friends

Going to a play or musical show can be daunting. Ticket prices are sometimes high and there is some theater etiquette to follow. But, an online ticket service like Turn Up Tickets can make theater performances accessible. As for the etiquette, study the theater before you go. Sometimes audiences dress up more casually than expected!

Dance the Night Away

You and your friends can sign up for a dance class together to beat your boredom. Dancing, especially in a class setting, could seem embarrassing, but the benefits of dancing far outweigh the negatives. You will get valuable exercise while experiencing stress relief and a confidence boost!

Have a Fancy Night Out

You and your friends can explore your city the culinary way by planning to have dinner together at a five star restaurant in your town. Make a night of it and dress in fancy attire to add to the mood. Trying new foods together can create memories to last a lifetime.

Sing Your Heart Out at a Concert

Score some cheap tickets to a concert of an artist you all love. There’s nothing better than scream-singing the words to your favorite songs with your favorite people! Concerts are also great venues to meet new people. Who knows? You might just add another new friend to your squad.

Whodunnit: Throw a Murder Mystery Party

Having a fun murder mystery dinner party with your friends is sure to bring the laughs and beat the boredom. All of you can get into character as you act out a mysterious murder at someone’s house. Make it more fun and increase the stakes: whoever guesses whodunnit wins a bottle of wine!
No matter what you choose to do with your friends, these activities are sure to bring you all close together and beat your boredom blues. Life may get tedious at times, but it doesn’t have to, when you have stellar people in your friends group!