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9 Special Ideas to Celebrate the First Wedding Anniversary

Humayun Kabir Jul 19, 2019
Wedding anniversary is one of the finest moments of a person's life. People plan different things to make this day memorable and special. Just valuable gifts won't work, rather some romantic ideas can increase the joy of this day. Here are 9 special ideas to celebrate the first wedding anniversary.

1. Plan a Wedding Anniversary Party

A couple who loves to entertain people may organise a party to celebrate the first wedding anniversary. They may invite loved ones over for dinner. This is a great way to celebrate. Make the night memorable with a wedding cake.

2. Second Honeymoon

A couple who loves to travel can plan to go to any place for the second honeymoon. It may be the first honeymoon's destination itself, or a new destination. Going to any place is a great way to celebrate the first marriage anniversary.

3. Watch Your Wedding Video

Many people do not get the time to see the video of their own wedding. If you wish to relax, you can watch your marriage video with your partner or with your loved ones, if you wish to. The video will revive the good happy memories of your wedding day. In this way, you can celebrate the special day of your life.

4. Spend a Romantic Night Outside

On the day of the wedding anniversary, the couple can make a plan to spend some time outside. For this, they can make reservations at their favorite restaurant and celebrate the day, singing and dancing.

5. Renew the Wedding Promises

On this day, promise renewal is an excellent way to rebuild each other's commitment. The couple can do it privately at home. Or, they can get it renewed formally by a priest.

6. Relive the First Date

The first wedding anniversary is a delightful moment you would wish to celebrate with your life partner differently. Remember the first day when you met your partner. Recall what you discussed and where you went. Revive the day again and simply go about as if it was the same, first day of your meeting.

7. Exchange Gifts

Everyone loves receiving gifts from their partner. Think of a nice, romantic gift to give your partner on the evening of the anniversary day. Decide on the choices and likes of your partner. If he/she likes to listen to music or play the instrument of music, you can gift a music cassette or a musical instrument to your partner.

8. Dinner at the Wedding Reception Location

There is no need to organise a party by spending lots of money to enjoy your marriage anniversary. Rather, plan for a romantic dinner at the wedding reception location. This will help make your relationship more romantic and fascinating.

9. Candlelight Dinner at Home

Arrange a candlelight dinner at your home. Don't leave your partner alone in the kitchen, both of you can do the cooking together. For the dinner, play your favorite songs, keep flower petals and the lighted candles on the dining table and enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner.