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15 Alternatives for Halloween Candy

Rujuta Patil Oct 17, 2018
Halloween is round the corner, and if you are not one of those who puts a bowl of candy in the porch for the kids, you can as well start thinking of what all you can treat the little trick-masters with. Here are some healthy alternatives for Halloween candy to keep childhood obesity in check.
This is how kids ask for treats on Halloween in northwestern and central Mexico; it means, 'Can you give me my little skull?' Then, they are actually treated with a small skull made from sugar or chocolate.
This is how you give the kids sweets, without the extra sugar!
Coming in different flavors and colors, fruit snacks are quite close to the candy that trick-or-treaters are waiting for.
Avoid sweets, and treat the children with something slightly salty and good to munch on! (go for the low-fat-versions). Giving the kids popcorn in a small box/tub is a novel idea too.
Halloween candy cannot get healthier than this.
Here is how you can trick the trick-or-treaters by offering them sweets, but in very less amounts.
Bubbles are an evergreen treat; kids never run out of excitement with this stuff.
Treat the little goblins and ghosts with cool Halloween-themed stationery, like pencils, erasers, pencil toppers, or even a small pack of colorful crayons.
Kids would love to get a bright-colored temporary tattoo made. It could be a skull, mask, fangs, bugs, dragon, or even something pretty like a butterfly.
Surprise the trick-or-treaters with creepy-looking spider rings that can adorn their Halloween outfits too.
There's always plenty of stuff you can give the trick-or-treating girls too.
Buy a variety of stickers with little characters, animals, or Halloween-themed objects on them, and you have the perfect Halloween treat ready.
Toys are always welcome. By handing out bouncy balls or slinkies, you can easily win the hearts of all the kids in your neighborhood. So make sure you get more of these.
Let the trick-or-treaters get a little naughty; treat them with some squeaky noisemakers and whistles. Now, you better have a pair of noise canceling ear plugs on yourself!
What could be more enticing to kids than something that glows?
Slimy, gooey-feeling sticky hands are simply unbeatable when it comes to toys that you can treat kids with.