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An Amazing Range of 13th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Amazing 13th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
13th anniversary coming up soon and you're drawing a blank about what to gift the significant other? Go through this CelebrationJoy piece for a great mix of some traditional and some modern gifts that you can choose from.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Did You Know?
Faux fur is one of the modern gifts that can be given on the 13th wedding anniversary. However, because it is steeped in controversy, many couples prefer to steer clear of the same.
It's that time of the year again―it's your anniversary! 13 whole years, huh? Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that you got married? Or does it seem like a lot many more years than the 13 awesome years of togetherness? Whatever the deal be, 13 is a major, major milestone and you should wear it proud, hell, flaunt it even. So then, have you decided on an anniversary gift yet? Because, yes of course, that is needed. Now, we don't want to really stereotype and go with the theme of how 'he' must have no idea of what to get for a gift while 'she' will have already thought of, purchased, and kept the gift ready. No sir. That is not what we will be doing. We are here, as a completely non-judgmental party to give you some basic ideas on some of the best 13th anniversary gift ideas.

So whether you want to go with a traditional 13th anniversary gift or a modern 13th wedding anniversary gift, this CelebrationJoy article will help you out with all that and more.
All Things Lace
All Things Lace
lace accessories
You want to go the traditional way this anniversary, lace is what you're looking for. You want to give a sensual twist to the traditional gift, lace is what you're looking for. You want something pretty and feminine as a wedding gift for the wife, lace is what you're looking for. You get the idea. Lace is the traditional gift of choice for the 13th anniversary and there's soooo much that you can do for her with this simple, yet elegant material. So what might some of the 13th anniversary lace gift ideas include? Like the image above will have already given you an idea―how about a lace dress? Or even a top with lace elements in it? Or lace lingerie―which is an awesome gift idea for the wife, but the reward has 'husband' written all over it. Make your choice from among any of the gifts shown above and you're all set.
Textiles and More Textiles
When you say it like that, it seems so totally dry, right? But this gift has so much potential, it is beyond crazy. Textiles can include clothes, woven rugs, scarves, mats... the list is endless. And, and, and, this choice of gift has a lot of potential for gift ideas for husband. Take your pick from among these choices presented to you in the images above.
Bring Me the Citrine
Seems vague, doesn't it? What does it refer to? The color? The stone? Which is precisely the point. It could be anything you want. Maybe a citrine ring or a pendant for her (though some men carry off a citrine ring with complete elan), or how about something that the other likes in a color citrine? The choice is yours, ladies and gentlemen. Also, two other stones are associated with the 13th year―moonstone and malachite. So, go in for the popular choice and have something bejeweled made for the other, or choose the creative way and have key chains or something similar made.
Animal Mugs that Usher in the Aww Factor
Animal Mugs
Mugs, really? Why not, people? Have you seen the kind of cuteness overload that they're packed with these days? If you don't believe us, just check these images above. These ought to floor the him or the her in your life. It's simple, convenient, has great utility, is not over-the-top in any way―all in all, it's a no-nonsense gift that is all about the feels and will get you feeling all warm and fuzzy, much like the coffee you'll be having in it.
Show Me the Funny
I don't know about you guys, but there are couples out there who are all about the funny. They need something that keeps the laughs pouring in... so why not tickle the partner's sense of humor and give him/her something that gets them all giddy and chuckling with laughter? So then aprons with funny messages and maybe some pillow cases too? That ought to do it good.
The Balloon Popping
Balloon Popping
This is by far the most fun and unique wedding gift. So what each of you do is, ask the other to write something about the other, it could be anything―how they make you laugh, how they stayed up with you all night helping with the project, how they cheer you up when you're down... anything. Write all these down on separate chits and push the chits into a balloon. To keep it simple, agree on 10 chits each. Once the chits are inside the balloon, blow the balloons and secure the ends with string to seal them off. And now for the fun part, set the balloons into the room and then take turns bursting all the balloons. Gather all the chits and read them to each other. The fun thing about this gift is that once these are read, you can simply stick them in a scrapbook.
The 13th anniversary might not feature as a 'milestone' in popular culture, but it is an anniversary just as important as any other―ask the couple, and you'll know. And now that you have a whole range of choices to choose from, gifting something to the beau and the babe should pose no problem. Right? Right.
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