Go Playful: 10 Amazing Pirate Costume Ideas That Women Will Love

10 Amazing Pirate Costume Ideas for Women
Celebrate the spirit of Halloween! Ladies, you've got to brainstorm amazing pirate costume ideas! One of the most common ones would be a pair of tight leather pants, paired with black leather boots, and a brown belt. Wear an off-shoulder, flounced, balloon-sleeved white top tucked into the pants, with a tight, brown leather corset, and a black-and-white pirate hat. Grab a sword, apply scary makeup, and you're done!
CelebrationJoy Staff
Last Updated: Jul 31, 2017
Make a simple pirate costume
Choose loose dark pants, a plus size if need be. Paint stripes/patterns if necessary. Cut a white T-shirt at the neckline, sleeves, and bottom. Sew embellishments - ruffles, buttons, chain toggles, etc. Choose a long overcoat, prepare a cardboard pirate hat, and choose a band that fits your head. Buy suitable neck bandanas, belt, eye patch, and buckled boots. Wear chains, earrings, skulls, etc. For Halloween, wear scary makeup and sew appropriate symbols on your clothes.
Make a Statement with Red and Black
Red and black
This goes for a simple, yet classy look. Choose black harem pants and pair it with a horizontally-striped red T-shirt. Choose a blood-red open-crop jacket embroidered with scary symbols, cut off at the sleeves. Tie a red headband and a maroon-red striped scarf around your hips. Insert into it a hand knife and a black pirate pouch sewn with skulls. Wear punk lace-up knee-high canvas boots, dark lipstick, and darker eye shadow. Now go scare the others.
Dress Up Like a Pirate Ghost
Spooky Pirate
How about adhering to the true spirit of Halloween? Dress up like a ghostly pirate! Wear black striped, satin red pants with a loose, balloon-sleeved white shirt. Get a skull embroidered on the sleeve. Wear a red bandana, coffee-brown velvet pirate jacket, and tie a belt below your bust line. Apply spooky makeup, and watch the others flee!
A Christmaseey Event
Bright and subtle
Whether it's Halloween or a carnival, you can stand apart with this outfit. Choose a Santa Claus style red dress for this one, with off-shoulder white sleeves. Wear a black leather corset bordered with gold. Choose a black hat lined with lace, a gold border, and a red ribbon.
The Zombie Pirate
The Spirit of the Zombie
Roll up your sleeves and dress up like a zombie! Wear a fearful mask, or smother your face with makeup. Apply white powder, blood marks, bruises, and more. Wear an eye patch too, and tattoo your arms with skulls. In contrast, keep your outfit simple. Wear a striped satin formal shirt tucked into stylish black shorts. And, don't forget the hat with golden piping.
Glow with Black and Gold
Bold and beautiful
Want to be the center of attention? Wear this golden satin dress with a black-laced fringe at the bottom. Wear a black velvet, flare-styled, full-sleeved jacket over it, with a simple frontal corset design. The dress should be bordered by gold all over, with vivid black-and-gold embroidered lace designs at the sleeve ends. Pair it up with black stilettos, an upturned black hat with pale gold ribbons, and appropriate makeup. Get hold of a sword, and be ready for the applause!
Completely Embrace Red
Passionate red
For this look, choose a bright-red satin dress, off-shoulder, piped with bronze frills, and enormous balloon sleeves. The dress here has a black frock pattern to accentuate the waist (you could use a belt for the same). The hems of the dress are a vivid black lace, enhanced with black stockings. The sleeves have a similar black netted pattern near the wrists, followed by a red bell sleeve. Choose a typical pirate hat heavily bordered with silver. Carry a couple of pistols for the finale!
Go on to Be the Captain
Salute the captain
Don a pirate captain costume. Choose a simple black party frock. Wear a golden-embroidered, full-sleeved, short robe over it, encircling the waist with a golden belt. Use a patch of the same cloth pattern to tie below the knees, attached to open-toed, high-heeled, metal-patched, black sandals. Choose a stylish black hat inclined to one side, embroidered with heavy gold and a red ribbon. Patch your face with rich makeup and carry a golden sword in your hand. Aye Captain, you're done!
The Signature Black-and-white
Elegantly spooky
Choose a delicate, lacy white frock, and wear a black satin full-sleeved robe over it. The robe should have lacy white bell sleeves, should be corseted at the chest, and flared below the waist. Wear a double-side inclined black hat with a centered red ribbon, and pair it up with T-shaped stilettos. Hold an antique knife in your hand and be ready to woo everyone!