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24 Amazing Secret Santa Gift Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Vrinda Varnekar Dec 17, 2018
It's that time of the year again, and you need to think of unique gift ideas to outdo your last year's Secret Santa gifts! Don't worry, here are some great Secret Santa gift ideas for you.

Did You Know?

The tradition of Secret Santa is called Kris Kringle in parts of Europe, Canada, and Australia.
Before you knew it, December has arrived in all its glory, and so has the time for our favorite Secret Santa tradition! Giving and receiving anonymous gifts― come on, WHO wouldn't like that? Plus, it gives you the chance to make someone really, really happy in secret, and somehow, that's an amazing feeling.
However, thinking of good gift ideas is a major task in itself, and it can SO become a source of stress! The thing is, chocolates and gift baskets are so passé now, there's nothing new left about them. It's almost as if we expect to not get surprised by Secret Santa gifts anymore, and there's nobody to blame 'cause all the great ideas seem taken.
No, you don't need to fret! We have carefully compiled a list of great gift ideas for you― Secret Santa gifts for your family, for your co-workers, and for your friends. These gifts are funny, cute, and not very expensive. We hope you like them!

Amazing Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Ring For Coffee Bell

Yep, it's right what it says. A simple desk bell can become an awesome gift for a friend, or a relative!
You can buy such bells in stores or online, or get a simple desk bell and paint RING FOR COFFEE on it yourself. Very inexpensive and funny, you can be sure she's going to love it. Her husband or boyfriend is not going to be very happy with you though, just saying!

Funny Eye Masks

For those who fiercely value their beauty sleep (me being one of them.) Get these funny eye masks for someone you know who really, really values their shut-eye time! You can buy such store-made masks or make them yourself.
Either way, the eye mask is going to be much appreciated! Instead of these captions, you can try adding funny ones of your own. Inexpensive, personalized AND useful―bingo, you've gotten the best of not both, but three worlds!

Travel Adapter

If your friend or co-worker travel a lot, then a travel adapter will make a wonderful Secret Santa gift. He or she won't have to struggle with chargers while traveling, and he will definitely find this gift very useful. After all, Santa gives the perfect gift, doesn't he?


Are you panicking because you picked your boss in your office Secret Santa? It can be a task to get a good gift for your boss, and you're worried about displeasing him or her with your gift. In that case, why not get a paperweight for him or her?
Your boss certainly will use it, and you won't have to worry about getting into bad books or anything. Get a nice, attractive paperweight, and watch your boss smile appreciatively when he/she knows you're the Secret Santa who gifted him/her that!

Guitar Pick

Does your friend/relative/co-worker have a serious passion for guitars, and keeps you constantly entertained with his amazing music? If yes, then you can't go wrong with colorful guitar picks.
He's going to keep needing them anyway, and will definitely appreciate it. Guitar picks are available in a wide variety of choices, pick those you know he'd like the best! It's easy to anonymously gift a pick, too.

Customized Cocktail Glass

Have you picked your partner in your family's Secret Santa tradition? You can get him/her a nice customized cocktail glass with a witty message printed or painted on it― you decide what you'd prefer. After a hard, stressful day at work, surprise your partner with this witty glass― and hopefully, with a cocktail you made for her, in it!


Regardless of whose Secret Santa you are, Christmas candles are a breathtaking gift. The best part is that they're available in a variety of flavors, shapes, and sizes. Pick the biggest or the smallest ones, it really won't matter, 'cause candles? They attract vast appreciation.

Bah, Humbug!

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is an amazing book, and we're sure it will make a great Secret Santa gift, keeping in mind the spirit of Christmas. Is the person you've picked grumpy, like Scrooge? If yes, you'd better hope this lightens him up. Chances are the person will have already read it, but you can't get enough of this one― it's a classic!


It's winter, and it's cold. How about cute, colorful multicolored socks as a Secret Santa gift? Even if you think the person's not going to get caught dead in those socks outside, it still is a funny gift. The person will wear them in the house, no matter what he claims.

Charm Bracelet

Just the thing if you've picked your sister or girlfriend or daughter or niece! Get her a beautiful charm bracelet with a lot of pretty pendants. Include pendants of things she likes, and you can be sure you'll never see her wrist without it after that! Charm bracelets don't have to be expensive. You can get amazing bracelets cheap, too.

Customized Funny T-shirt

If you've picked your nephew or your boyfriend or brother, why not give him a customized T-shirt with a funny caption? You already know that men love humor, and you can make it yourself at home. This T-shirt has the trademark of Joey Tribbiani from the popular TV sitcom, FRIENDS. Also, use other captions which may be funny or sentimental―it's up to you.

Foosball Table

If your budget permits, get a foosball table for your son/boyfriend/husband/brother/friend.
It will absolutely, most definitely, be the BEST gift ever, and you'll find that he actually starts to believe in Santa again, 'cause this is such a perfect present! Also, you'll find yourself being infinitely appreciated. Now, don't we all want that, ladies?

Witty Coffee Mug

Have you never seen your colleague without a coffee at his/her desk? If the answer is in the affirmative, you can get a witty coffee mug which highlights his/her intense love for coffee.
He will not only use it everyday, but will smile every time he looks at it, 'cause out of all people, YOU completely understood how important coffee is for him!

Funny Cushion

"The cushions are the essence of the couch!"― Chandler Bing.
Well, yeah. You can gift a nice, soft cushion to the person you've picked out. It can be bright and colorful (recommended), or sober and elegant, it's up to you. Don't forget to add a funny message to the cushion, and it'll be a perfect addition to his/her home!

Picture Collage

Before you start thinking that picture collages are a thing of the past, and there's nothing new left about it at all, but that could not be further away from the truth. If you've picked your co-worker, why not make a picture collage of ALL the people in your department?
That way, your gift is a great source of memories, is sentimental, plus, will keep him/her guessing who out of all those people is his/her Secret Santa! Don't forget to include a picture of yourself, too!

Head Massager

Might sound like a very non-creative kind of gift idea, but a head massager is a great gift for your colleague or your boss, since most working individuals do face a lot of exhaustion and stress at the end of the day. It'll help him calm down and relax, and he'll gratefully think of you, his Secret Santa, who's helping him unwind after a long, hard day.

Mixed CD

Mixed tapes, move along, mixed CDs are here!
We know that anyone can pick out their favorite music and listen to it whenever they want, but taking the time to make a CD for someone, containing every single song they love, isn't that a wonderful gift? It's personal, intimate, and cheap, too. But hey, it's the gesture that matters!

Photo Props

Have you picked out someone who loves taking numerous pictures in unending creative poses? Photo props would make a great Secret Santa gift for them. Don't forget to pose with them with the photo props for a picture when you reveal your identity!

Funny Poster

This poster. Enough said. Jokes apart, if you've picked your best friend or sister or even a friendly female co-worker, funny posters will definitely brighten up her room! If you pick one on the same lines as this, she's going to giggle every time she looks at it. Oh, joy!

Calendar or Yearly Planner

It's the end of 2018 anyway, so a yearly planner is a good gift idea for anyone, be it your family member, friend, or co-worker. Add a subtle hint about any important date in it if you know the person tends to forget birthdays and anniversaries!

Selfie Stick

How many times does it happen that we try to take a perfect group 'selfie' but nobody's hands are long enough to hold the phone/camera far enough to fit the entire group in the picture?
We bet this happens a lot. If the person you've picked out is an ardent 'selfie' fan, get him or her a selfie stick. Again, don't forget to click a selfie with him/her when you reveal your identity!

Gag Calculator

This is an amazingly funny gift idea for your co-worker, or someone who you know uses calculators a lot. This calculator looks like a regular calculator, and appears to work like one, too.
However, when the person starts to input numbers in it and waits for the answer, the calculator shows funny messages on screen instead of the calculated answer! These answers can be anything from GO AWAY to YOU'RE CRAP. Make sure the person you're gifting this to has a sense of humor, or it might backfire on you!


For the music lovers, and for those who you never see without headphones.
Get nice speakers for him to play his music loudly―but do make sure he's not going to be disturbing anyone with those. Plus, they'll be a great addition to his parties, if he gives any―make sure you're invited to his next one!


Winter is here! Scarves are a perfect, elegant addition to the winter attire. Get some attractive scarves for him or her in bright colors, keeping in mind the festive mood. Useful and trendy, now that's a gift we all want!
Secret Santa gifts are not meant to be extravagant or expensive― just get a gift that fits in your budget, and which you KNOW will make the person feel great. We hope our list helps you! Best of luck, and have a happy time being Secret Santa!