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Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife

Ankana Dey Choudhury Apr 21, 2019
Wedding anniversaries hold the most cherished and precious place in a woman's heart. They remind her of the day she chose to merge her soul with her loved one, for eternity. So, as a husband, you should seek to make these anniversaries all the more special for her.
"A woman's mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you!"
― Billy Connelly
Yes, women are attached and bafflingly possessive of every little thing in their lives. Be it a regular safety-pin, or a handkerchief perfumed with our husband's scent, they like to carry their world around with them. Even in matters of extreme seriousness, they are emotionally pragmatic. Little gestures matter a lot to them.
In love, a woman cherishes and preserves the minutest of things that may appear inconsequential. To her, it is a memory frozen in time, invaluable and irreplaceable. So, when you seek anniversary gift ideas for your wife, keep all these things in mind. Following are some tips which will speed up your gift selection process.
★ Buying a gift for your wife should not be a burden or a formal responsibility for you. Make it a gesture of love, rather than a superficial ritual to be imperatively followed.

★ Plan in advance. It will give you ample time to not only explore novel options, but also to give it the personalized twist.
★ Be attentive to what your wife mentions even casually. Other than making you an ideal husband, it will enable you to understand whether your wife has been yearning to get something.

★ Add that personal element to whatever you finalize, as it is this personal touch that she will cherish forever. Your efforts to make her day special will stay with her always.
★ Money may sometimes be a constraint, but you can always go the simple yet special way. A kiss every hour on your anniversary, will not cost a dime, but will make her gush nevertheless. Understand that 'doing things in style' is not synonymous to lavish.
Also, do not whine about money on whatever you do that day. Women are sensitive. You might not mean to hurt her, but she might start blaming her expectations behind the extravagance.
★ Finally and most importantly, remember that it is supposed to be a most treasured day for you, too. So, involve yourself with all the pleasures and joyful sensations you want your beloved to feel. Understand that you matter a lot to your wife, and hence, do not deprive yourself from having a blast.
As soon as you incorporate some of these tips in your approach, half your battle shall be won. Now let us see how to get you through the rest of it. Here are some classic, unique gift ideas for women to brighten up your special day.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Missus

Leave notes

Write sweet nothings on small colorful chits of paper, and leave it in places all around the house. For instance, leave a note in the coffee jar so that she discovers it first thing in the morning. Distribute the chits in such a manner, that she runs into them throughout the day.
So keep her schedule in mind. Also, you can cut the chits out into shapes of things that may have been integral parts of your lives. For instance, if you had bumped into her in a library for the first time, cut out a book-shaped chit. If you guys love star-watching together at night, make a star-shaped chit.

Give office a miss

Take the day off from work, and spend time together. Indoors or outdoors is your choice. Do the things you two have been planning to do for ages, but could not, due to daily constraints.
Go dancing, cook together, give each other massages, or just sit in a place holding each other tightly. Just be with each other. Your presence shall be a very cozy, romantic gift for her.

Do It Yourself

Create something by yourself, instead of buying it. It could be anything at all. Make her a card, with drawings of all the things that matter to you, or a collage of the most valuable photographs, frozen in time.
You can even bake a cake or cook for her, make her candles with messages etched on them, or even create a photo frame with a photo of hers. Even better, you can make a sketch of hers and insert it in the frame. Remember, you do not need to be a Monet or a chef like Curtis Aikens, to do these things. It's the love that should come across.

Favorites, favorites everywhere

Fill the house with your wife's favorites. Load the larder with her favorite munchies; fill the fridge with her favorite grub and drinks; get her favorite flowers for every flowerpot; drape all the sheets, curtains, and pillowcases with shades of her favorite color; and fill the bathtub with her favorite essences. Pamper her full on!


If your wife is fond of gadgets, try to get her something that has a link to something else she loves. If she is an avid reader, get her a digital library, loaded with her all-time favorites.
If she's into music, an i-pod with all her loved songs would be a sure hit. If she's into exercising, gym equipment, along with gym gear in her most preferred color, would make for very thoughtful presents. This will also indicate that you care for her, and know about her passions.

The Venting Hour

Women are largely emotional. Naturally, very little things affect them very deeply. There may be very small things gnawing at their minds for ages, without any outlet. Even though they may not let it show, the knot remains nevertheless.
So, on this special day, sit her down, and ask her to tell you about all those incidents when you might have accidentally hurt her. Comfort her, and hear her out. You shall see it for yourself that once she has completely vented her spleen, she will never give it a second. However, do not get judgmental or impatient during this time.
Remember, matters of the heart do not follow logic, just like her unconditional love for you. So, do not argue; just hold her hand and listen. Seal the hour with a kiss, and you shall see the healing powers of this devoted hour instantaneously.

Women love jewelry

Be it gold, silver, or diamonds, jewelry is irresistible for women. As famously sung by Monroe in the 1953 musical Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, "Diamonds are a girl's best friends ...". However, if you cannot afford any, fret not. You can always buy something in gold or silver.
You can get her a charm bracelet with little trinkets that have a special meaning for both of you. You can also give her a pendant or a ring, with the initials of your names intricately entwined together.
Gift ideas aren't hard to come by. How you present it, makes all the difference. Moreover, if you are looking for the perfect first anniversary gift, you must go the extra mile.

1st-year Anniversary Gifts for Wife

It is believed that the 1st year anniversary gift should comprise paper. So, here are things you can go for.
★ The classic billet-doux or love letters fall under some of the best one year anniversary gift ideas. Again, no Shakespeare required; express only your true feelings in your own words. Also, you can bind together all your previous love letters, written to each other. Be sure to see that nostalgic tear trickle down her cheek.
★ Make her a scrapbook with everything related to the two of you as a couple. It could include photos, details of your courting period, likes and dislikes, and whatever else you want it to contain.
★ Get her a giant bar of chocolate with a custom-made wrapping paper around it, with her picture and name.
★ Get a photo of the two of you together, and keep it in her purse for her to discover later.

★ Give her tickets for her dream vacation, in a decorated envelope. Now there's paper and a lot more!

★ The most clichéd paper gift that never goes out of style, gift her a romantic book. You might just get her in the mood for some naughtiness in bed.
By now, you have some of that stress busted, with the earlier ideas to back you up. Be it any anniversary, you are bound to delight your wife for sure. When it comes to women, you can touch a chord with the simplest of gestures.