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Lovely Anniversary Party Decorations

Parashar Joshi Sep 29, 2018
Having the right kind of decoration at an anniversary party plays a major role in making the event memorable. Here we give you a few interesting ideas about decorations for an anniversary party.
So it's your folks' silver jubilee and you wish to throw them a surprise party. You're planning to invite all your family members, friends and relatives and you really want to make this a truly grand occasion.
You're done with the guest list and the banquet menu and the next thing on your agenda is the party decoration. But somehow, you can't come up with good enough ideas. Look no further my friend. Here are some ideas which you can make use to make your party a memorable one.

Decoration Ideas for a Wedding Anniversary

For perfect decoration, you should keep the following things in mind-
  • the size of the party venue and its location i.e., whether indoor or outdoor
  • the expected number of guests
  • the party theme
  • the different events and party games that have been planned
There are various decoration options that you can make use of, depending on whether the party is an indoor or outdoor event. If you are in the midst of the rainy season, you would be advised to have an indoor party unless you are absolutely certain about a clear weather forecast for that particular day well in advance.
Outdoor parties do provide a slightly larger scope for the variety and amount of decoration possible, so generally people do prefer outdoor parties over indoor ones.


This is a must-have regardless of the party location and theme. If you plan to have a special walkway at the entrance, you could consider decorating it with a combination of roses, petals, white carnations, tulips, orchids, and lilies.
You could think of welcoming all your guests with a whiff of fresh fragrance by lining the walkway with a few scented flowers. Find out what flowers the anniversary couple likes well in advance.
Order these flowers in sufficient quantities and arrange them in a centerpiece, as well as on the table where the couple will be seated. If there is a stage or a stairway, you can line the steps with a combination of red, pink, and orange rose petals.


Who says balloons are only meant for kids? They always add extra bit of color to a party and enhance the overall ambiance. These are available in varieties of shapes, colors and sizes, so you have plenty of options to choose from, depending on party theme.
Make a separate bunch of red heart-shaped hot air balloons and tie them securely to a chair in the far corner. You can have the couple release this bunch of balloons into the sky after they cut the cake.
You can also use medium-sized rubber balloons in colors of green, lavender, and orange to decorate the remaining areas. You can spread a few of them randomly on the floor and you can also paste a few on the surrounding tree leaves, chair backs, table corners, etc.


Lighting plays an important part in adding to the visual appeal of a party. If it's a retro theme that you're going for, you could have some fancy disco lights, radium stickers, and glow sticks.
If you plan to get your folks remarried in a formal ceremonial way, you could have some dim lighting coupled with appropriately placed candles for that romantic and mushy effect.
Another option you could consider is running wires of multi-colored rice lights or micro lamps along the wall borders as well as around tree trunks and branches. Try not to overdo the lighting though, as too much of lighting can spoil the look.


Another interesting way of adding to the party décor is by using photographs. For this, you will need number of photos of the couple over their journey of 25 or 50 years of marriage.
Starting from one corner of the room, move towards the adjacent corner while pasting all these photographs in a chronological sequence i.e., from the day of their wedding till date. This 'reel' of photos is an innovative way of showcasing the couple's journey through matrimony over the years.
You can also add to the party décor by using red or gold ribbons, streamers, colored crepe paper, and lanterns. Party embellishments can be extremely easy and thoroughly enjoyable if you know what you want and how you want it.