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How to Plan an Anniversary Party

Madhura Pandit Jun 18, 2019
A wedding anniversary is the time for a couple to reminisce and to reaffirm their wedding vows. A party in honor of the blissful couple is a must. If you are thinking of throwing a party, here is a party planning guide for you.
Having a surprise party for your beloved will show how much you love him/her. It will also fortify the bond between you. For a party to be successful, proper planning is a must.

Party Themes

Firstly, decide whether the party is going to be a family get-together or a formal affair. The venue of the party will depend on that. It also depends on the number of people expected at the party.
You can plan a theme-based party like a beach theme, a traditional party, a family barbecue or a fiesta.
Anniversary parties can also be themed according to the particular color symbolizing a particular anniversary. For e.g. papyrus yellow for the 1st, turquoise for the 5th, silver for 25th, and gold for the 50th wedding anniversary.
Maintaining an element of surprise is the key if you are planning a party for your beloved. A romantic candlelit dinner isn't something that your spouse will find surprising anymore. How about a sail on a cruise, a moonlight dance with dinner, recreating your first date, a ballroom dance, etc? Why not revive the memories by having a second honeymoon?


Before sending out invitations, you must be sure whether it is a family party or a formal one. For a formal party, an invitation with formal wording is a must, and needs to be sent a couple of weeks prior to the party.
For a casual party, a phone call invitation is also acceptable. In case of open-house parties, guests can arrive and depart at any time they wish. Do not forget to mention the dress code in case of theme-based parties.

Cake and Food

A celebration is never complete without a cake. Order a special cake (with low sugar if necessary) or bake a homemade cake yourself. You can involve other family members and make an anniversary cake together.
For the menu, you would naturally decide on the couple's favorite dishes. If the party's at home, try out the signature recipes of the couple, and they will be happily surprised.


Music provides the best entertainment. Remember to have songs and tapes ready so that you do not waste your time changing records.
You can even plan games like treasure hunts or compatibility checks. If planning a 50th wedding anniversary party, chalk out simple games so that you can involve elderly couples.


Although a surprise party will be more or less like a gift, giving your beloved an appropriate gift will be just like an icing on the cake.
You have to look for some exquisite and memorable present. In case your spouse is a shopaholic, why not take him/her on a shopping spree?
For friends, parents, siblings, you can consider giving personalized and unique gifts like couple watches, jewelry, gift baskets, subscription for favorite magazine, etc. You can gift anything made of gold in the honor of the golden anniversary.
Anniversary parties revive the beautiful moments shared by a couple. If you are into party planning, do not forget the person's likes and preferences, plan to the minutest detail, and have a rocking party!