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Here are Some Really Popular and Mainstream April Fool's Jokes

April Fool's Jokes
The following article presents April fools jokes and pranks to be played on one's friends, neighbors, and family members. Some popular jokes that caught media's attention are also listed in this CelebrationJoy article.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
The tradition of playing April fools' jokes and pranks is a long one. On the 1st of April, people indulge in playing pranks and circulate hoaxes. In countries like Australia, UK, and South Africa, jokes are played only till noon, whereas countries like USA, France, Ireland, Canada, Italy, and Japan celebrate the whole day.
Here are some of the funny jokes for friends and others which you can play on this day.
  • Water Ring: This is a ring with a sponge concealed in it. On shaking hands, the water present in it oozes out and hand gets drenched.
  • Changing Labels on Cans: The labels present on cans need to be carefully removed with the help of a knife and then they neecd to be mixed and glued on different cans altogether.
  • Fake Snakes in Cookie Jars: Place fake snakes in the cookie jars. The reaction of an individual who picks up the cookie jar later, would be magnificent to watch.
  • Toothpaste in Socks: Empty some toothpaste in the socks of a friend.
  • Alarm Clock Trick: In this trick, one needs to set a few alarm clocks in the house to ring on different time settings. One would surely get startled when all the alarm clocks go off one after the other.
  • Do the Splits: Place a dollar coin on the street and wait nearby. When people try to pick up the coin, make a sound by ripping a cloth. Most of the people who bend down would check whether their pant has ripped apart.
April Fools Hoaxes
Here are some of the April fools hoaxes which drew a lot of media attention.
  • Value of 'Pi': In the year 1998, 'New Mexicans for Science and Reason' a newsletter, had published an article about Alabama states legislature's decision to change the value of 'pi' from 3.14159 to 3.0. In this article, it was written that the Biblical value of 'pi', i.e. 3.0 would be the standard from that time onwards. Later on, it was revealed that the article was just an April fools hoax.
  • McSoft: An April fools joke about the merger of Microsoft Inc. and McDonald's was circulated in the year 2007. The Microsoft Wi-fi Hungerscan would sense the hunger of people and McDonald's would deliver the fast food. People would be charged by deducting amount from their credit cards.
  • Bill Gates Converts to Islam: The owner of Microsoft Inc., Bill Gates converts to Islam. He has changed his name to Abu Mai'saf al-Windaaz. This April fools hoax was circulated in the year 2006.
  • Canada buys 'Ely': An offer is made by Canada to buy the town of Ely which lies at the northern border of USA. The announcement was made by the Ely Chamber of Commerce.
  • Baseball Player Traded: This April fools joke was played on Kyle Kendrick a baseball pitcher of team 'Philadelphia Phillies'. The player was told that he was being traded to a baseball team in Japan. The player that was pretended to be offered to 'Philadeplhia Phillies' in exchange of Kyle Kendrick was Kobayashi Iwamura.
The different April fools Prank ideas presented above would make the day fun-filled. One should however, not indulge in causing problem to anybody; playing harmless pranks is advisable, so that both the parties can enjoy it.
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