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We Provide You With a Multitude of April Fool's Pranks

April Fool's Pranks
Some of the top April Fool's pranks are here which you can put to use on the 1st of April.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2019
The origin of April Fool's Day tradition is unknown. However, some people believe that the Persian tradition of Sizdah Be-dar may have led to its beginning.
This festival, which coincided with the April Fool's Day in the year 2008, is celebrated to emphasize the importance of joy and solidarity. Laughter and joy are said to remove evil thoughts from our mind, and this belief surely forms the basis for celebrating this day.
The pranks and jokes give us an opportunity to have some fun and make the most of this long tradition of 1st April. Here are some April fools prank ideas for adults, as well as children. These can be played at school, office, or home.
At the Office
Invisible Ink: It is one of the harmless pranks to be played on colleagues in office. One can cover the tips of all the pencils and pens with a clear-colored nail polish. It is not possible to easily figure out the presence of clear nail polish on the tips of these objects. Acetone or nail polish remover can be used to remove the polish later on.
Strung Up: To play this prank, a string should be attached to the back drawer of the victim's desk. The string should then be taken along the wire and attached to a container hung just above the person's chair. The container should hold confetti in it; when the person pulls his drawer, the container will be upturned on his/her head.
★ Receiver and Glue: In this trick, glue is used to stick receiver to the phone. When a person tries to pick up the receiver, the entire phone will be lifted.
★ No Comprende: This prank is played on a colleague in office. One should borrow his/her (colleague's) cell phone for sometime and change the phone settings to a foreign language. It can be amusing to watch him/her struggle with the instructions presented in foreign language.
At the School
Principal's Call: It is one of the best pranks that almost always works. A call from the principal is the one thing that everyone fears. It would be great to watch a fellow student going to the principal's office only to witness a confused expression on his/her (principal's) face.
Switching Drawers: The act of switching drawers in the teacher's desk can be amusing and fun. It becomes difficult to find the right drawers and the teacher will get really frustrated.
★ Keyboard Switching: This prank can be played on fellow students in a computer lab. One can switch positions of the keyboards of 2 neighboring PCs without disconnecting them. It would be fun to watch people typing on keyboard to find the words popping up on the neighboring monitors.
On Parents
★ Covering the Kitchen Nozzle: In this prank, a rubber band is fitted around the nozzle in the kitchen sink. This way, when your mom/dad tries to turn the faucet on, they will get drenched in water.
★ Spilled Cup: This prank can be a highly entertaining thing, because one has to show that coffee is spilled on a keyboard. In reality, however, a mixture of brown buff paint and white glue is prepared to create a coffee-like substance. It is stuck to the keyboard in a manner that resembles coffee being spilled on the surface.
On seeing it all over the keyboard, your parents are bound to get angry, which makes for one of the most funny pranks.
On Boyfriend
★ Adopting a Religion: In this prank, you should say that you have adopted some religion; giving a weird (fake) name to it would make the matter even more interesting. On top of that, you can ask your boyfriend to make some changes in his life in order to follow the rituals as prescribed in this new religion.
★ Call from Ex-Boyfriend: This prank can be played on your boyfriend with the help of a close friend. Ask one of her friends to call you; you must take the call when the boyfriend is around.
Pretending as if you have received a call from her ex, you should occasionally lower your voice. This will definitely create some restlessness in the mind of your boyfriend.
The different pranks mentioned in this post should be played only on those people who would take them in right spirit. These are some of the best April Fool's pranks that can be played on people. But remember, one shouldn't go for cruel pranks that might hurt someone.