Elegant Banquet Table Decorations to Totally Astonish Your Guests

Banquet Table Decorations
Along with the other requirements like the food, venue, etc., banquet table decorations are also important. They need not be 'large', as contemporary choices reflect a favor for simple and elegant. This article gives various ideas of the same.
By definition, a banquet is a sumptuous feast. Often held in the honor of a person, it is an elaborate and at times ceremonious meal for numerous people. These grand meals are no longer restricted just to state and royal families, but are a common way to celebrate weddings and other important occasions. The grandeur and luxury is created by all the minute details that go into it. A state banquet at the Buckingham Palace can be held as the perfect example to emulate. Apart from the decorations around the room, creative banquet decorations contribute much to the elegance of the occasion.

Banquet Table Decorating Ideas

Flower Arrangements
Beautiful flower arrangements are the most traditional option. However, their frequent use does not take away from their natural beauty. While one is often used to seeing large (sometimes garish) flower arrangements, it is not necessary to follow them. You can use a slim tall glass vase filled with a few calla lilies for an elegant table center. Alternately, you can use blooms of only one color or shades of one color (such as pink) for a subtle yet gorgeous effect. Square glass vases filled with hydrangeas can provide a burst of color, while keeping your cost low. For a touch of luxury, use bunches of pristine white roses.

Apart from the flowers you use, the manner in which you arrange them can also makes a difference. One unusual idea is to use a spherical floral oasis' and cover it with tulips. These can then be placed on stands, evenly spaced on the tables. Ensure that irrespective of the kind of arrangement you make, it is above eye level once the guests are seated, for it must not block their view of each other. Another idea for decorations is using ostrich feathers. While white are my personal favorite, you can use any color you like. You can set them in a fountain like arrangement in a pot, or add them to a flower arrangement.

Fruit Displays
Many fruits, apart from being delicious, are also highly decorative. One can make a simple, but highly effective fruit display by slicing tangerines in half and filling a glass jar with them. Alternately, make a fruit display with attractive fruits such as strawberries (they smell great too!) and kiwis. A state banquet at the Buckingham Palace always has displays of fruit on the table, typically including grapes, pineapples, plums, and nectarines.

Candles are almost always used as decorations. Frosted glass lamps are my personal favorite, but any kind of diffused lighting will do. A popular choice is a glass dish filled with water on which rose petals and candles float. Alternately, pretty candle stands/lamps are a great option if money is not a concern. If it is, know that it is not very difficult for you to make pretty candles or lamps for the table. One of my favorite ideas is to fill champagne flutes with a pale yellow gel to create gel candles that suit the occasion perfectly.

Apart from these banquet table decorations, the tablecloths, napkins, cutlery, and crockery you use are very important to upholding a certain standard. At the Buckingham Palace, the linen tablecloths are made of finely woven damask, and the front of the Queen's table bears damask festoons. Your napkins must be folded in a decorative fold, or folded into quarters and placed on the salad plate. Flatware comprises salad fork, dinner fork, dinner knife, and teaspoon, while glasses are usually limited to a water goblet, and a red and white wine glass. The dinnerware should include the bread and butter plate, salad plate on dinner plate, cup and saucer.
flower decoration with candles on the wedding table
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