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Best Toddler Toys for Christmas

Charlie S Dec 14, 2018
The best toddler toys for Christmas are featured here, on which toys your kid must have during this festive season. Let's take a look at what's hot on the charts in this year's top toddler toys...
The best toddler toys for Christmas are those that engage kids for hours on end, with exclusive features that cater specially to their childlike wants. Today kids know exactly what they want, and desire exactly what it is that sparks their interest.
They're intelligent, and know how to separate the boring from the exciting, the mediocre from the grand. It can be a crazy time of the year to get your child something during the holidays, given the Christmas rush and the hoards of last minute shoppers.
The best way to get a hold of these gifts would be to shop online for them from trusted online stores that deliver quality toddler gifts right to your doorstep, on time. You'll find it increasingly simple as you browse through their gift selections, with everything from its intricacies and what it can offer, mentioned in detail on the website.

Top Toys for Toddlers

For this year's ensemble when it comes to gifts for toddlers on Christmas, there's a whole new range of overwhelming toys that they will instantly fall in love with. Find out which toys are making it big among customers today, in the list of top buys this holiday season.

Sesame Street, Let's Rock Elmo

Who doesn't love adorable little Elmo? Every kid knows his name, immediately recognizing his fuzzy, colorful red appearance. This Let's Rock Elmo set comes complete with an Elmo stuffed toy, a tambourine, microphone and drum set. The Elmo toy can sing six tracks, while also being able to recognize which instrument is handed to it, in order to perform.
Your child will find it entertaining and fun, given the fact that he/she can sing along to these catchy songs. You can also avail from other Let's Rock instruments, which are sold separately. Like Elmo, you'll also find RockStar Mickey for sale, which is also a must-have toy for toddlers.

Power Wheels Dune Racer

This buggy is an essential for any child who fancies pretend-driving, or zooming through your living room in an imagination-conjured car. Get your child this great ride which comes with safe enhancements to give him/her a one-of-a-kind driving experience.
It comes with a two-seater set up, where your child can invite a friend or sibling to accompany them for a drive. The wheels are designed to take on any kind of rough driving adventures, like through gravel, mud and tough grassy spots.
A true outdoor adventure toy at its best, the Power Wheels Dune Racer will prove to be quite a buy this holiday season. You can also check out the Chevy Camaro Ride On Car, which is a classier version of its rugged counterpart.

Vtech InnoTab Learning Tablet

This grown up gizmo works best for older kids within the age group of 8 and above, simply because the enhancements are a little grown up. It comes with a video player, a friends list, an mp3 player, a clock and even a calculator application. It has tilt-sensor abilities, with a five-inch touch screen.
You can buy different learning cartridges (Dora the Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants, Scooby-Doo Mystery Madness and Disney Fairies to name a few) that your child can try out and use, along with learning games and e-books that can be uploaded on the Vtech InnoTab.
More of a learning device that comes with a fun edge, the Tab focuses on not just letting your child have a good time with its many features, but to learn something in the process.
It also comes with audio tweaks that allow you to learn speech through phonics, vocabulary and word building, helping kids with definitions and pronunciation as they advance through lessons and stories. Parents can assist kids on how to use this, as you later sit and back and watch them work this device like a pro in no time.

Animal Planet Air Swimmers

Anything that needs a remote control to work out a toy, is something every kid loves. These blow up Animal Planet Air Swimmers can be inflated with helium. As it suspends itself midair, a remote control allows you to maneuver its movement. It can do all kinds of things once you master its various moves, and comes as an inflatable shark or clown fish.

You & Me Friends Hide and Seek Friends Dolls

Your little girl will love the You & Me Friends Hide and Seek Friends Dolls twosome, that interact with each other when a button fixed on each doll's chest is pressed. The dolls also come with a spoon, juice box, comb and dish.
Equipped with real-life capabilities like watching their eyes blink, these dolls will get the attention they were meant to receive from your toddler. They come in a variety of kinds, so be on the lookout for more doll types. There's also a Jojo, the Interactive Rabbit from Hide and Seek, that you'll find equally appealing.

Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster

The Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster toy gun is not your ordinary hand-held ammunition. It comes with lighting enhancements to help kids target objects (or other kids; which is of course harmless), disks to fire, an acceleration booster for shots, an XLR long-range disc technology and an electronic scope - it qualifies as one of the season's best buys.
Be sure to check out accessories that go hand-in-hand with this one, like the Nerf-N-Strike Tactical Vest, Nerf Vortex Praxis or the Nerf Vortex Vigilon.
There are a ton of toddler toys for Christmas, making waves in the market as consumers scramble to get their hands on the best buy.
Your choice will not be doubted after you've looked over what each toy can offer your toddler, since the features are all-unique in their individual right. Have a fun time shopping!