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Best Valentine's Day Wines for a Sparkly Evening With Your Date

Priya Johnson Feb 4, 2019
Choosing wine for a Valentine's dinner may seem a daunting task, especially when you so desperately want every detail of the evening to be perfect. Let's take a look at some amazing wines that will floor your valentine.

Chocolate-covered Wine

Sweet Traders offers a range of chocolate wines, wherein wine bottles have been dipped in gourmet Guittard chocolate. The chocolate has already been paired, and is simply waiting to be enjoyed with the wine.
Popping the cork seems to be the most romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day, and if it's on the beach or in a candle-lit room, there's nothing more sensual or magical! An occasion like Valentine's Day calls for something beyond your regular Chardonnay or Port. You need something that fills the air with romance, style, and elegance.
You needn't be a wine connoisseur to treat the love of your life with some good wine. Wine isn't about right and wrong, but is more about personal preference and liking. While there are some wines which definitely stand out for this romantic occasion, you can choose any wine that suits your taste buds.

Seductive Sparklers

White Bubblies

Who said only Champagne is classy! Well, Champagne is Champagne, nevertheless you can still enjoy a glass of effervescent wine at one third the price.
Spain's Cava, Italy's Prosecco, Germany's Sekt, Portugal's Espumante, and so on, are great alternatives to Champagne. If you can't afford Champagne, then rest assured these alternatives will make your day.
These sparkling wines make excellent aperitifs for Valentine's Day, and while their effervescence brings about excitement in the air, their affordable nature makes them budget friendly. If you're serving it with cake, make sure you get the ones labeled 'demi-sec', because the 'brut' sparklers are too dry to complement the sweetness of the cake.

Pink Bubblies

Rosé sparkling wines are also great for this romantic eve, simply because their pink fizziness complements the color of the day and spearheads the mood of the evening.
They are the perfect blend of freshness, fruitiness, and acidity. The flavors and aromas of fruits like strawberries, raspberries, plums, cranberries, red currant, etc., beautifully emanate from the wine.
Rosé sparklers are versatile and food friendly, and complement your menu well. They can also be had as aperitifs. Again, rosé sparklers are available at a fraction of the price, which makes them suitable for a humble wallet. Serve these sparkling wines as aperitifs or along with appetizers in flute glasses. They make excellent gifts for your valentine.

Tantalizing Table Wines

Romantic Reds

Bold, deep red wines have always been classy, romantic, and seductive. Their high tannin and acid content make them ideal for complex red meat dishes like steak, ribeyes, filet mignon, etc.
Red wines for Valentine's Day can also be served with chocolate ― Cabernet and dark chocolate being a good combination, while Pinot Noir complements lighter chocolates well.
If you're having steak on the menu, then a Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect choice for the evening. If you're having white meat like poultry, you can go for Pinot Noir, which is a more medium- to light-bodied wine.

Wishful Whites

For a white, how about France's Chablis, a white Burgundy whose citrus and mineral notes will pair well with shellfish like crabs and lobsters during your romantic meal?
Made from Chardonnay grapes, this wine is loved for its crisp and fruity notes, and will be a good wine to try out. Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Chardonnay are some other whites you can opt for. While choosing whites make sure the white you choose will complement the food on the menu. If you're having oysters on the menu, preferably go for Chablis.

Ravishing Rosé

Rosé wines are yet again appropriate for accentuating the theme of the evening. Depending on the varietal used, the shade of pink will differ.
The deeper the shade, the more full-bodied the wine. If you're on a budget, then this type of wine will please both your palate and your wallet. These crisp and refreshing wines pair well with salads and seafood.
If you want to do something really romantic, get different bottles of rosé wines and arrange the glasses by their shade. Then, add a lovely note about each phase in your relationship. Stick to rosé wines (Pinot Noir, Cabernet, or Shiraz) from France, to avoid purchasing poor quality wines.

Desirous Dessert Wines

Rich, decadent desserts have always held prime importance on Valentine's Day. From delectable chocolate desserts to luscious fruit delights, the variety available is simply astounding. To enhance the romantic feel of the occasion, you could serve these treats with sweet wine.

Pedro Ximénez and Similar Dessert Wines

Also known as the 'King of Spanish wines', this fortified dessert wine will simply sweep your love off his or her feet.
The rich, velvety, luscious, syrupy feel this wine has on the palate is simply irresistible. It pairs well with rich chocolate desserts, puddings, and even vanilla ice cream. Besides this Spanish wine, you can also opt for other dessert wines like Cream Sherry, Madeira, Asti Spumante, etc.


If you're looking to treat your valentine with something truly special, expensive, and rare, then, how about an icewine.
Made from frozen grapes, this wine is a rich, sweet wine that is sure to spoil your loved one's taste buds. However, icewines are on the expensive side, nevertheless, for a special occasion like this, they are perfect.
Since there are several fakes out there, it's better to purchase an icewine from "Inniskillin" or "Peller Estates". While choosing a dessert wine, always make sure that the wine is sweeter than the dessert being served.
Don't fret about the wine choice. Relax and pick something you think you will enjoy with your love. Valentine's Day is not meant to test your skills, but is a day to celebrate your relationship.
If you both sipped a certain wine on your first date, then, how about getting the same to mark your journey of love. Enjoy this day to the fullest, irrespective of whether you've popped a sparkling, rosé, red, or white!