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Black Christmas Tree

Aastha Dogra Dec 14, 2018
Black Christmas trees are artificial trees which are black in color. The following section gives more information on how to decorate these.
Black means power and sophistication. It evokes a sense of mystery. You can add a twist to your Christmas decorations and celebrations by getting a sleek, elegant black Christmas tree.
Gone are the days when people stuck to the traditional green trees. Although Christmas is celebrated with the same emotions and feelings, people still find their own unique ways to personalize it; and these trees do exactly that. They are a style statement, and at the same time celebrate the long-standing tradition of keeping Christmas trees at home.
These trees, which are environment-friendly, have become a popular choice among the people. The idea for these originated in the United Kingdom, and it has caught up fast, with their demand increasing by the day.
When it comes to these trees, one of the strongest points in their favor is that they make toppers and other decorations stand out. Ornaments of any color can be used, as they go well with black.


Crystal ornaments added to this particular tree create an excellent visual appeal. They give it a rich and classy feel. Sparkling silver ornaments such as silver sequin balls, silver mirrored balls, silver bells, and silver baubles, can be used to create something unique. Even a silver-colored skirt contrasts well with the tree.


Most trees already have lights attached to them. Hence, you need not worry about the lighting part. However, if you want to add some of your own, white or clear-colored string lights are an ideal choice.


Deciding the placement of the tree is very crucial. You can either keep it in your living room, or in front of your house. Since a tree of this color can fade away into the background if placed in the dark, it should ideally have lighter backdrops.
You can also place the tree in front of your house and add a large sparkling tree topper to it. At night, the tree topper will give the illusion of being suspended in mid-air.


These trees have quite a lot to offer, size and shape wise. There are small trees which can be placed on tabletops. If you have a large living room, get a six or seven foot tall tree, and place it right in the middle for everyone to see. For those who have a smaller flat, pencil-shaped trees are available--these can be placed in any corner of the room.
With a bit of imagination, you can do a lot to enhance the look of this tree. If you feel that using black decor may be too bold an idea for you, you can add some green and red-colored ornaments to the tree. So, if you are someone who does not want natural trees to be cut anymore, then a black colored tree for Christmas is a good option for you.