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14 Brilliantly Beautiful Gift Ideas for 8th Wedding Anniversary

14 Brilliant Gift Ideas for 8th Wedding Anniversary
Picking out a gift for the person you have been married to, for eight long years, may sound simple on paper, but is actually quite a challenge. After all, you need to find something that perfectly captures the essence of all the unforgettable moments you have spent with each other. CelebrationJoy has some brilliant anniversary gift ideas for your eighth wedding anniversary to make it another memorable moment in your life.
Padmini Krishna
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
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Yours for All Eternity...
The 8th wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated by couples as their Bronze anniversary. However, modern trend allows one to use anything made out of lace or linen as an appropriate gift for the occasion, besides conventional bronze or pottery-themed gifts.
Anniversaries are always special, whether it is your first or even your silver jubilee. This day marks the completion of yet another blissful year spent with the person you love. It revels in the light of your bond growing stronger by the day. The completion of the eighth year is not particularly highlighted despite being momentous; however, this should not dishearten you. If you have run out of ideas about what to gift your sweetheart on this cherished occasion, just think of us as your savior. We have some brilliant ideas to which you can add your personal touch, and let your spouse know how much he or she means to you.
The Blessing of Tradition
Flowers and card
Flowers and jewelry are the quintessential choice of an anniversary gift for your lovely wife. Why not add a spoonful of tradition to this, and surprise the woman you love, by leaving a bronze/pottery vase filled with clemantis flowers (that are traditionally associated with the 8th anniversary) on the table? You could leave a note beside it with words that come from the depths of your heart.
Watermelon tourmaline necklace
If you are planning to gift your wife jewelry, consider tourmaline, the gemstone associated with this occasion. A lovely watermelon tourmaline necklace will make her fall in love with you all over again.
Jewelry box
Gold Heart Cash
Luckily for you, the traditional theme comes with a lot of options to choose from―for him and her. If want to step away from the stereotypical flowers and jewelry, a charming bronze, trunk-shaped jewelry box will surely bring a smile to her face. Otherwise, something dainty, like a cute heart-shaped money clip, is a simple, sweet, and also practical way of saying "I Love You".
Gold chain bracelet
For him, a pair of bronze cufflinks, monogrammed with his initials will brighten up his day. If he is the kind of man who wears jewelry occasionally, you could gift him a stylish bronze chain link bracelet.
The Touch of Infinity
Gold ring
Surely, no eye would miss noticing that the tipping over of the number '8' resembles the universal symbol for infinity .Do not wait for eons to go by before you tell your sweetheart that your love is eternal like that of the concept of infinity.

You can proclaim your infinite love to him or her in so many ways. Your gift to your spouse could be something very personal and unique such as getting your wedding bands engraved with the infinity symbol.
Couple on beach
Or, you could broaden the idea of infinity by whisking away your darling on a romantic couple's holiday to a paradisiac beach, away from the bustling city, where you can reminisce about the countless, irreplaceable moments of your blissful togetherness.
Say It With Lace
Satin pillow
"Move over", is what one should say to bronze from the Neolithic era. Nowadays, on our 8th anniversary, we show our sugars, our undying love, with lace and linen. If that is what you want to gift your wife, there is a whole lot of choice available for you.

Gift your wife a satin and lace duvet for your bedroom. She will not only jump to her feet with joy at the thoughtfulness of the gift, but both of you will be able to sleep very comfortably under these satin duvet covers at night.
Black stockings
Pink lingerie
Purchasing pink lace lingerie or lace stockings for your soulmate, and the very thought of them wearing it, are also excellent gifts that will spark the fire of love between you.
White scarf
Red black scarf
Professing your love with a knitted scarf in a color she adores is a pure, heartfelt way to tell her, "I always think of you". For your husband too, this makes a practical gift that he will appreciate. Add a personal touch by sewing his initials onto it.
Chocolate gift box
Even a simple box of his or her favorite chocolates, with a ribbon of lace tied around it, is, in itself, a great way to show how much you honor and cherish the moments you spent with each other.
But then, can true love, which is a bridge between two souls, ever be quantified with gifts? The ecstasy of every moment spent with your sweetheart for eight complete years is the greatest gift of all. Do not forget to let your spouse know how much you value every moment you spent with him or her, by adding a personal touch to your gift. Happy Anniversary!