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Business Gifts for Christmas

Charlie S Dec 17, 2018
What are the ideal business gifts for Christmas? Since Christmas is approaching fast, you cannot afford to spend more time planning. Take a quick look at the corporate gift ideas for Christmas we give you here.
Almost everyone waits for Christmas endlessly, as this festival brings joy to every household and a smile on every face. When it comes to Christmas gifts, it's not just friends and family. You need to think of corporate gifts for your colleagues and your boss.
Employers need to think of gifts for their employees; gifts are a good means to motivate those working under you or appreciate their efforts during the year. So, it's time you start shopping! The ideas mentioned ahead will help you with that.

Corporate Gift Baskets

Food gift baskets is something you can consider when choosing a business gift for Christmas. A wine bottle or two, various types of cookies, loads of chocolates and gourmet food, is what can go into the basket.
Consider gifting a Christmas fruit basket too. Baked foods and wine or cookies and other Christmas foods are also a good addition to gift basket.


Watches make good Christmas gifts for both men and women. Corporate bags, laptop bags and even wine duffels can be gifted to your colleagues or your boss.
Mobile phone covers, laptop cooling pads, stress balls, cubicle decoration articles, pen stands, small plush toys and posters with motivational sayings make good ideas for corporate Christmas gifts.

Travel Vouchers

Generally, all offices have holidays during Christmas, and hence this period can be used to go to a nice holiday destination. By giving travel vouchers as a Christmas gift, you can certainly make your office mates happy.
Buy tickets to a popular vacation destination; that makes a nice Christmas holiday gift.

A Photo Album

Presenting a photo album as a corporate gift is certainly a good idea. Collect pictures of all the different events in office, office picnics and the parties you had. You can make a collage of pictures or an album of different photographs.
Gifting it with a caption for each photograph or something describing the event, will personalize the gift. The album will be a memento of all the wonderful experiences the workplace and your office mates have given you.

Cards and Office Stationery

Office stationery is a good business gift for Christmas. Pens, writing pads, stick notes, erasers, glue, paper clips, binders, and colored pens are some of the stationery articles you can buy for your colleagues.
Business card holders and stick note organizers among other desk accessories are some options to choose from. Christmas cards are a good accompaniment to any Christmas gift. Your colleagues will appreciate it more if you prepare Christmas greeting cards yourself.
So, by using your drawing skills, make some beautiful greeting cards. Word Christmas wishes in the cards and hand them to your office mates.


Informative books can be good gift ideas for any occasion, and Christmas is no exception. Buy best-selling novels or recent arrivals and gift them to your colleagues/ employees. If you are aware of the genre they might like, gift them books of that genre.
Books are the best companions of all those who love to read and they make great corporate Christmas gift ideas. You can even consider getting books related to your work or books that will help the employees update their knowledge about the industry they work in.
When choosing a corporate Christmas gift, see that it does not become too personal because the people you are gifting it to share a professional relationship with you. Think of the position you work on, in the organization and take into account your rapport with the people you are gifting it to.
Hope you liked these suggestions. All the best shopping for them and wish you a Merry Christmas!