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Cheap Christmas Ornaments

Neha Joshi Dec 19, 2018
Looking for some cheap Christmas ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree at home? Here are a few cheap ornaments, that would prove to be of help to you and procedures of how to make these at home. These handmade Christmas ornaments are surely the best option this Christmas.
No matter what kind of Christmas tree you buy, the ornaments you choose make the difference. Boring ornaments don't give the tree a nice, festive look. Here, we don't only tell you how to make a variety of ornaments, but also how to make them the easy way.
The best part about these inexpensive ornaments is that, most of them can be made at home itself. You don't even need to buy the basic supplies. Isn't that great?

Inexpensive Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are always hung over doors and gates during Christmas, aren't they? And wouldn't it be wonderful to make these by ourselves, at home? Let's first see how to make and then we'll proceed to decorating them.
Look for some old tires, and cover these completely with some leaves or plants such as climbers. Then, decorate them with red satin ribbons, and Christmas bells. Make a bow, and add it on the top, in the center of the wreath.
If you have some left over ribbons, make small bows out of them, and add them too. After this, add some sparkle powder to the wreath. There you go, your first cheap Christmas ornament is ready.

Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are another ornament we have always seen on the Christmas tree, isn't it? Well, making them is really easy. All you need to do is, look for small-sized socks in the house and decorate them with sparkle and/or similar decorating materials.
If you don't have socks or stockings, just take a cloth, paint it with your favorite colors, and cut it in the shape of Christmas stockings. Now, using thread or ribbon, hang them to the tree. Add a little charm to these handmade Christmas stockings by adding ribbons or paper cuttings.
Another way of making these stockings is by knitting them. If you have some yarn at home, you can knit multiple stockings out of it. If you don't know how to knit, the options mentioned earlier will help.

Christmas Gift Boxes

These handmade Christmas ornaments are perhaps the cheapest, and most easiest as well.
After you are done with most of the gift wrapping for Christmas, look for, and collect as much gift paper as you can. Get hold of some tape. Now, look for items (in your home) that are light in weight, and not bigger than your palm in size.
Wrap these items in the paper, and with the help of satin ribbons hang them to the Christmas tree. A few of these can also be added to the pile of presents under the Christmas tree, just for show.
Now, let's make circular gift boxes. Take some newspaper, some colored threads, and a few ribbons. Cut a small part of the newspaper, crumple it and put cell-o-tape all around it. Now, cover this with ribbons and threads, so it looks like a colored ball. Add a small bow on the top, so that it looks like a present. Hang it to the tree.

Christmas Candy Canes

Now, let's make some awesome candy canes. There are many ways in which you can make these homemade Christmas tree ornaments and decorations.
First take some plastic wires and cut them in similar sizes. Now fold them to give them the shape of candy canes. Once that is done, cover them with different colored ribbons, and using the same ribbons, hang them to the tree or rather anywhere you want in the house.
The second way of making these canes is by drawing them, cutting them and then hanging them. Another way of making these canes if by hanging actual candies, bought cheap and in bulk. The only thing you should remember is to make each of them look different. This would make the Christmas tree look more beautiful.

Christmas Bells

One of the most ancient ornaments, Christmas bells are mandatory on your tree. How to make them? It's simple!
Make cones from square-shaped papers by folding them into a roll, diagonally. Decorate these papers before, or after folding them. Turn these cones upside down, and stick a ribbon at the end.
Draw holly, cut it and stick it at the start of the ribbon. Your bells are ready! If you want traditional Christmas bells, color them golden. Hang these Christmas bells on your tree and bring in the true joy of Christmas!

Christmas Baubles

These are again easy to make and look the best in my opinion. Buy some cheap plastic balls from the market. Cover these balls with some inexpensive paper, and with sparkle sticks and paint, make different patterns and designs on these balls.
Now, take some plastic wire and stick a small loop of it on the top. Pass different colors of thread from these loops and hang the baubles to the tree. Considered cheap Christmas ornament crafts, these are easy to make, and suit outdoor decorations as well. You can use different kinds of paper to give each bauble a different look.

Other Cheap Christmas Ornaments

These aren't the only inexpensive ornaments you can make at home this Christmas. Anything that might enhance the tree, can be used as an ornament. Small decorative ice flakes, colorful stars, Santa Claus toys, string lights are some more ornaments.
Paper cuttings of Christmas candles, cookies and holly can also be used separately as ornaments. These items are usually available in all stores, just before the Christmas season. Hunt down sales, offers and buy these in bulk.
If you start soon, you can make more of these easy to make inexpensive ornaments, and make them better. Here, we saw how to make traditional Christmas decorations in a cheaper and inexpensive way. Isn't it great? So, start making these ornaments soon and have fun! Merry Christmas!