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Christian Christmas Games

Sheetal Mandora Dec 19, 2018
This year, play some amazing games at the Christmas party or gathering. Read on to find out how everyone can have a great time, without having to plan ahead of time.
Planning and organizing a Christmas party is tough, but not when you know what you're going to be doing during the party. If there's a small get together with family and friends in the church or at some other venue, you can host number of games for the crowd.
But what kind of games can you include in this party of yours? No need to worry because here we will give you some of the best Christmas games for kids and adults.
These games are a perfect way to interact and mingle with people from your church. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get right to it.

Games for Kids

What's That Song?

A great way to sing some popular Christmas songs and get the kids involved. What you have to do is sing the first few lines of the song, and omit couple of words in the middle. Have the kids think of the songs, and fill in the blanks.
If there's a large group, you can divide them into teams and then play.

Jesus's Birth

Get the Pictionary board in front of the kids with crayons. Make 2 teams, make them sit, and wait till a leader says, go. Once the signal is given, one player from each team will come up and begin to draw the scene of Jesus's birth.
In the middle, the leader will say, change or stop. Then the next player will come and draw. Whichever team finishes the drawing first, wins.

Games for Adults

Decorate The Tree

Get small Christmas trees. Collect various decorations, and keep in front of the trees. Divide the participants in groups, and blow the whistle. They need to decorate the trees in a pre-set time period. Whichever team finishes the decorations, wins.

Match The Names

The objective of the game is to match the names of mom and dad with their kids' names. These names are going to be Bible names. So a piece of paper will have the names of moms and dads on the left, and the names of kids on the right.
Depending on how big group will be, get that many copies. Have everyone make a team of two (with people they don't know), and finish the game in as little time as possible.
As a great Christmas game, family and friends can also play trivia games where there will be series of questions related to the holiday.
This time of the year, many people get together and spend quality time with family and friends. Take this opportunity, with these games, to know your family, friends, and neighbors even more. Merry Christmas!