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Christian Christmas Games for Adults

Rujuta Borkar Dec 19, 2018
In need of some Christian Christmas games for adults for the coming up church activity? Here are some ideas on the same.
Your church is holding a special event for Christmas and you've been given the responsibility of coming up with some Christmas games. Of course, nothing sets the 'celebration mood' quite like these games, we know.
Adults and children can both enjoy these games. Come up with Christmas party games and you're set to have a great time. It could be the case that you don't really know many games nor any activities to arrange for the day. And that is why we are here! We'll be giving you some of the best games ideas that you can arrange at your party and have a great time.

Puzzle Masters

Find pictures of varied Bible scenes and cut them into pieces of 4, 6 or 8 depending on the number of people at the Christmas party. Then mix the pieces together and put them in a box.
At the sound of the whistle everyone gets to pick a piece and then scramble about to find the rest of the people with the corresponding pieces of the picture. Once the people have been found, they have to use the chart and tapes to stick the picture together. The first team to complete, wins.

Bingo Cards

Form a card which has options like 'A person who is wearing stockings', 'A person who knows verse----' or 'A person who is wearing red shoes'.
And several such which are a mix of religious and regular items, then make copies of this card and give the card to each one at the party and set a timer for them. All of them have to find people who fit the bill and then tick the option off by writing their name against the option. The first person who completes the card is the winner.

Bible Quiz

Another interesting Christian Christmas game for adults is holding a Bible quiz akin to a Christmas trivia game.
Formulate Christmas trivia that centers on the Bible and then use that to ask questions about the Bible. Do this either as a team game or as an individual game. It works great just the same as Christmas games. This game can be played by adults and kids.

Scavenger Christmas

This game is similar to the original scavenger hunt games. Divide the guests into teams of equal numbers and give them each a list which has several Christmas related items on it, like a Santa cap, a Rosary etc. with varying degrees of difficulty.
The teams have to find those items and come back in the given time. The team that comes back first, wins. There could be various variations of this game. For example, instead of a ready list of items, each clue could lead to the next clue and so on.

Stocking Surprise

Have a huge custom stocking made and then fill it with items that are related to Christmas and seal it shut so that no one can see.
Have all the people at the party, feel the stocking and try to guess all the objects there are. Have a calculated time for them to do so. The person who can guess the maximum rights, in a given time, wins.

Wrong the Right

Collect a few verses from the Bible and then alter them slightly so that they are not the original verse. Distribute the chits.
People have to find the mistake and then correct it. The first person to find the mistake and correct it, wins. This can be made tougher by alternating only one word so that one really needs to know their verses well. Or instead of just one verse, there can be 2-3 given.
These Christian Christmas games for adults are not only a lot of fun, but also revolve around religion. So if that has been a major criteria to choose from, you now have your pick from some of the best games. Now all you got to do is get ready for the preparations, so you can have a great time at the party.