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Christian Christmas Party Ideas

Sujata Iyer Dec 19, 2018
Hosting a Christian Christmas party this year? Read this post for some ideas you can use to make it fun and enjoyable.
Everyone celebrates Christmas differently. While some may associate it with a long and cold holiday, others may look at it as a time to go berserk shopping. Some may think of it as a perfect time to get together with the family, while others may see it as an opportunity to have a time with friends.
How ever people celebrate Christmas, the true feeling of Christmas can be experienced with a glorious party. And this year, instead of the usual drinking and merrymaking, how about having a typical Christian party instead? Alright then, let's have a look at some ideas given here.

Party Invitations

Because it is a Christmas party invitation, you can use beautiful Bible verses for the wording. As far as the design is concerned, have your kids draw a version of Baby Jesus as they see him, make copies of it and stick them on the invitation cards.

Party Decorations

Once you're done with the invites, you need to decorate your home in traditional Christmas d├ęcor. All of them must proclaim the birth of Jesus. You can have a nativity scene as a window decoration.
All around the house, you can put up decorations like stars and angels. And you obviously cannot forget the Christmas tree. Load it with gorgeous ornaments and place lots of gifts to share, under it.

Party Activities

Once the guests have arrived, you need to keep them engaged in some activities. So, you can try out some fun games.
One such game to keep kids occupied could be a coloring competition. Make copies of drawings that revolve around the Christmas theme and ask the kids to color them. For adults, you can have a quiz related to Christmas or a 'complete the carol' game.

Party Food

For food ideas you need not think much. It's just general party food. You can start with some eggnog, a healthy green salad, have a chicken roast with another curry and rice.
For dessert, you can have a cake that is shaped like a cross, a star or a Christmas tree. Don't forget to hum a hymn or carol while cutting the cake.

Party Music

No party is complete without music. For a Christian Christmas party, you can have a CD of soft carols playing in the background all through the evening.
You can also have a session of playing music and singing carols as a group during the party. It will definitely add to the festive mood.

Party Favors

Christmas party favors are quite easy. They don't have to be extravagant; they just need to get the message of joy and cheer across.
You can give each guest a little personalized Christmas tree key-ring. Or a gorgeous assortment of tree ornaments that they can decorate their tree with.
You can use many more ideas to make sure that your party is a huge hit. Just remember what the meaning of Christmas is and you'll know exactly what to do. After all, 'Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart'.