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Christmas Activities for Adults

Neha Joshi Jan 9, 2019
Christmas has always been synonymous with holidays, hasn't it? And what do holidays demand? So many things! If you are looking for some of the best Christmas activities for adults, we've listed them for you. Take a look and choose a brilliant activity for yourself.
A lovely thing about Christmas is that it's compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together.
Garrison Keillor
With Christmas just around the corner, it is time for us to plan our holidays. So what do we do when we have all the time to ourselves without having to worry about work and other commitments? We are so used to planning every single day, that when we have no work to do, we are left clueless. But hey! It's Christmas. You have to have fun!
For starters, here are some fun Christmas activities that you are absolutely going to love. Apart from these activities, we've also given you tips on how you can spend time this Christmas.

The Joy of Giving

Organize a Charity Show

Christmas is about spreading joy, love and giving. We give our family gifts on this day to shower them with happiness and love. But how the underprivileged celebrate their Christmas? Does Santa leave gifts for them too?
As charity, you can arrange for a show in your circle of friends or in your neighborhood. Use all the proceedings to buy gifts and/or necessities for those less privileged.

Visit Orphanages and Old Age Homes

Christmas is an occasion for the entire family to come together and celebrate. More than the celebration, we look forward to being near our close ones.
The same joy can be shared with people who don't have the company of their family on this happy occasion. Form a group and spend an entire day with children and/or seniors at orphanages and old age homes. Play games, interact and give away goodies, especially to the children.

Start a Donation Drive

When we do something alone, the impact of that action isn't as great as it would be if done by a group. Organize a donation drive in your locality. A lot of people will want to donate clothes, accessories and other necessary items.
Along with gifts, if you donate these to people as well, it will really make a difference. This festive season, promise to gift someone a smile.

Festive Celebrations

Parties & Games

Parties and games are an integral part of Christmas celebrations. Themed parties are a great way to celebrate any occasion, aren't they? Form different groups with different friends and party with a new group everyday.
This way, you meet more people this Christmas and eventually, have more fun. You can play games like beer pong, Kings, liar's poker, etc. Play a different game everyday! Also, you can sing carols and have a merry time!


There are a lot of destinations we plan on visiting but never find the time because they are far and/or expensive. This Christmas, you can visit these places and that too with your family.
If you don't want to splurge so much, a great idea is to plan a weekend getaway. Book a caravan and drive to the countryside with your family and friends. Planning this with a loved one is also an option. Celebrate your Christmas on the go!

Stuffing Stockings

Gifting something to your family members, friends and colleagues is important during Christmas. Selecting, buying and packing all these gifts takes a lot of time. This task can be turned into a fun activity if done with friends.
All of you can get your Christmas stockings and gather at a friend's place to stuff them with all the gifts. Buying and packing can also be done together.

Other Activities


Enjoy all the time you have with a movie marathon. Make a list of all the movies you wanted to watch and rent them. Everyday, choose one movie and watch it with your friends. Plan these movie sessions at your or your friends'home.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas brings us some of the best sales by some of the best brands and women know this well. Along with shopping for clothes and other items of your choice, you can also plan shopping for Christmas with your friends.
Shopping is an entirely different experience during Christmas. There is so much out there to look at if not buy. And who knows? Maybe, like always, you'll find something you never knew you needed until you saw it!

Decorating, Cooking, etc.

Many times, we don't complete our decorations or the cooking, or leave them half way because by the time we are half-way through, we are tired to extreme limits.
However, if you plan these activities with your friends, the task suddenly becomes easier. This year, keep the Christmas spirit alive till the end, in the company of your loved ones.
Now that you know these activities, you can select a few of them to keep yourself busy. Plan these activities in time and have fun with your family and friends. A Merry Christmas and may God bless you!