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Symbolic Significance of Christmas Candles

Neil Valentine D'Silva Dec 17, 2018
Christmas candles have always been an important part of the season. They are not just a part of the Christmas decoration, but also have a great symbolic significance. Read on to know more.
Christmas decoration is simply incomplete without candles. Decorative, festive candles lit and placed on a Christmas dinner table simply emanates a different kind of warmth and joy.
Moreover, candle decoration is inexpensive, easy to carry out and makes the house look really welcoming! There are so many kinds of Christmas candles available in the market today, that it can be mind-boggling to choose one. Nevertheless, all of them look pretty.

How are Christmas Candles different from other Candles?

Frankly speaking, Christmas candles are no different from any other decorative candle, that you might find in shops all through the year. But the very fact that they are lit up during Christmastime gives them the festive look.
These candles are decorated with the Christmas theme and usually come in festive colors. You will find the common cylindrical shapes - the candles tend to play up on the thickness so that they can burn longer, all through the Christmas Eve, if desired.
Traditional colors of are red or golden, the colors of the season. But, nowadays, all colors are found on the shelves. However, if other colors are used, they are decorated with obvious Christmas motifs to make them part of the season. Red and golden candles are usually kept as they are, sans decoration, as the colors themselves lend grace to the season.

Different Types of Christmas Candles?

Different types of candles are available in the market. These can be used for decoration or even as table centerpieces. The following are some of the popular varieties of candles.

Taper Candles

The most popular and traditional Christmas candles are taper candles, which are a common sight on Christmas dinner tables.
Stores display lovely candle stands to place these candles. The only drawback about these candles is that there is nothing much one can do with these candles, other than placing them in the candle holder.

Pillar Candles

Since taper candles have a short lifespan, people, nowadays, opt for pillar candles which are thicker and last longer. Moreover, these candles also provide a wonderful surface area to decorate on.
One can use decorative lace, ribbons, beads, bows, glitter, etc. to adorn them. They can be placed in the midst of a small wreath and placed on the dinner table, to form a lovely centerpiece.

Block Candles

Block candles may just look like a block of wax, however, they too make lovely Christmas candles. You can stick holly leaves onto the sides and surround it with decorative Christmas tree balls or red flowers and green foliage.
You can even stick a photograph of the family on the sides of the block candle. This will definitely fascinate people visiting your house during Christmastime. You can even get multiple wick block candles which also look great.

Floating Candles

Floating candles are easily available in the stores, in various shapes, colors and sizes. You can even make them at home if you like. It's always good to buy a pack of these candles because there are umpteen ways one can use these candles for decoration.
If you are busy preparing food for the Christmas dinner and have no time; just get hold of a large, transparent bowl and place 4 to 5 floating candles in them. Light them up and it is ready. Take few flowers and put them in a glass of water. Top it with a floating candle. Place three such glasses on the table runner, and your centerpiece is ready!

Votive Candles

Votive candles add an elegant look to the whole Christmas dinner table. These candles can also be used in a variety of ways for decoration. You can either place them on the coffee table or on the dinner table.
Buy a thin, rectangular decorative tray and place three or four votive candles, depending on the length of the tray. Scatter some rose petals on the tray and your centerpiece is ready. You can also place a few decorative stones or pebbles into the tray to accentuate the look.

How are Christmas Candles Decorated?

There are many ways of decorating Christmas, but then there are some traditional patterns that you should know of. These candles are decorated with a lot of holly. Real or fake holly might be pinned on to the candle. Cardboard cutouts of the Christmassy emblems like candy sticks, Christmas wreaths, small Santa Clauses, Christmas stockings are found on it.
More imaginative decoration for the candles can incorporate golden ribbons or lace work. Tiny shimmer objects could be pinned to the candles in balls, stars or fake gift boxes shape. Some people cut out portions of their last year's Christmas cards and pin them on them to make them look more meaningful for the season.

Where are Christmas Candles Placed?

Again, there are several possibilities here. If the candles are big enough, they could be placed near the doorstep when guests are to arrive. Placing a symbolic number of candles - four - of different sizes and thicknesses at the door makes quite a great impression.
If you couple this with tiny LED Christmas lights on the bushes leading to your door, your house will really be talked about. The shimmering LED Christmas lights and the flickering colorful candles would give your guests a very festive welcome.
Some people like to put up candles at all their windows, and light them up at Christmas Eve. This is a good idea, and its real beauty is appreciated from outside the house rather than from inside.
With all those colorful candles guttering away at the windows, the home will look like a cute little fairytale house. However, in houses with kids running about, the safest place to place the candles would be on the coffee table, or as centerpieces on the dinner table.

Do Christmas Candles Make for Gift Items?

Almost anything that represents the true spirit of the Christmas season can be gifted, and there is no reason why candles should not be given as Christmas gifts. In fact, several people begin making candles as soon as Thanksgiving passes by.
Even in hobby stores, there is significant stock of candle making supplies brought in. It is a good idea to make candles and gift them; or at least buy candles from the store but decorate them personally and give it to people. Scented candles are also good gifts, however, it's risky because you don't know if the person would like the fragrance you choose.

What are Christmas Candle Parties?

The fad of having Christmas candle parties is catching on, especially among the younger crowd. It is actually an extension of having a candlelight dinner, but includes the flavors of the season.
People gather around at someone's house, where the lighting is done with nothing else except candles. The events of such parties include an evening of carol singing, playing Christmas games that can be played in such lighting, telling Christmas stories, and finally having a very delicious Christmas dinner.
Christmas candle parties are more enjoyable with smaller crowds, who are either family or close friends. They need to be well-planned in advance with several interesting things to do in such an ambiance.
Also, there must be provisions of air conditioning, because with all the candles burning, the room could become quite hot, even in the coldest of December. Anyway, a successful Christmas candle party is always something the guests will remember for years to come.
Christmas candles simply beautify the house and are in fact inexpensive ways to make the house look great at Christmas. Do invest in candles this year. You sure won't regret it.
However, make sure the candles are placed out of the reach of children, so as to minimize risks of accidents. Have fun and Merry Christmas!