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Simple Ideas to Make Christmas Cards

Neha Joshi Dec 19, 2018
Making your Christmas cards on your own? Want some simple ideas to help you start? Why, they're right here!
Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is preparing for it as much as they can. With the Christmas tree to decorate, the Christmas cards to make, and several Christmas parties to plan, there isn't much time left for contemplation.
Here, we will help you to make cards, by providing you with some of the best ideas. You will be done with cards in a matter of a few hours. Check them out!

Ideas for Couples

Share It

Divide the card into half. Ask your partner to decorate his/her half and you do yours. Punch both the halves and then attach with a satin ribbon. This way, you both contribute in making the card.
Since you both are sharing the responsibility in a way, you'll take half the time to make this card. While you can look up nice messages or come up with something of your own, s/he can do the decorating part.

Picture It

If you don't have time to put in a lot of effort, make a photo card. Click a picture of both of you, next to the Christmas tree, and make this photograph your card. Write a small Christmas message behind the picture and send it across.
A unique, yet simple idea to make a card, isn't it? If you don't have the time for even that, you can paste another photograph of both of you on a Christmas postcard and make a card in the process.

Ideas for Handmade Cards

Experiment With It

The best part about these ideas is that you can experiment with them as much as you want. If you have some time, try making cards in different shapes and sizes.
Not many people experiment with the shape or the styling; it's usually a square- or rectangle-shaped card with a message inside it. This year, you can try something really unique. Make your card a little quirky, with a likewise jingle and message.

Enhance It

To keep things simple, always prepare the basic card first and then enhance it later. Use simple handmade crafts to better the look of your card. You can also make small wreaths to seal with envelopes in which you are sending out these cards.
If you realize later on that you don't have time, you can at least send out the basic cards; they're not incomplete after all. You can ask every member of the family to decorate a small part of the card, to make your work easier.

Adding Extra Elements

Theme It

One of the best ideas is to add a theme. For example, you can decorate your tree with a single color, wear clothes of the same color, and click a picture.
Make sure your card is also made of the same color, or shades of it. This way, you have a theme of the color white. Christmas is already a theme, you basically add a theme to it.

Edit It

Editing is perhaps the best option we have when it comes to photo cards. You can do absolutely anything with certain photo editing software and their tools.
So, the idea here is to click a normal photograph and later add some miniature Christmas ornaments or decorations, to add the missing Christmas theme. This way, you can use an old photograph and save time.

Wording Ideas

Write It

Always try to write the Christmas message on your own. Always. But if you're finding it difficult to come up with something, you can use a quote; you'll find many on the Internet.
You can also write a few lines of your favorite carol or song. It is advised you write something on your own, however simple it is. If you have absolutely no time, just a merry Christmas isn't bad either.

Style It

After the wording is decided, you need to decide how to write it. Using writing styles such as calligraphy is one example that works and looks really great.
Apart from this, you get stencils and quills in stores all year around. They say that in terms of food and words, if they don't look nice, no one is interested in them. So, it is very important that you write whatever you need to, beautifully and elegantly.