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Unique Christmas Card Ideas

Mamta Mule Dec 17, 2018
Here are some easy ideas on Christmas cards to make at home. With easily available craft material, your beautiful cards will be ready for sending 'Merry Christmas' wishes to your loved ones.
As December arrives, we get busy in making Christmas preparations. Almost everyone in our house is eager to work on decorations, gifts and craft items. There are numerous crafts that you can make for Christmas decoration and even for the purpose of gifting and sending wishes.
Cards, which are a simple and sweet way of wishing someone are the most interesting craft items to work on. So, here are a few ideas on Christmas cards to make the occasion even more special.

Design Ideas to Try

Design Idea #1

Here is a design idea that will add a personal touch to the card. Take a photograph of the person whom you will be sending this card. If possible, opt for a photograph in which, both the sender and receiver are posing together. Now take a card paper and fold it in half to make a card. 
Make sure that the card is 2 inches larger than the photograph from all the sides. Center the photograph on the card and draw a border using a pencil. Keep the photograph aside. Now decorate the remaining area using glitter paint. You can paint it blue and draw small snowman over it or add ribbon bows and miniature metal Christmas tree.
Stick the photograph in the center. Considering the background color of the photograph, use a colored card paper instead of a white one. By using one more card paper, between the card and photograph, you can give a frame effect to the photograph.

Design Idea #2

Grace your card with popular elements of Christmas. Well, you can't forget snowman and the Christmas tree.
Draw a Christmas tree on colored card paper, write 'Merry Christmas or 'Happy Christmas' on a side or below it in a beautiful font and the card is ready. Another idea is drawing a simple outline of snowman on white paper and coloring it.
Or you can also have a nice blue colored card with snowman and a snowy tree for making a beautiful greeting card for Christmas. Finish by adding colorful ornament designs on the Christmas tree and add a soft background design gracing the main design.

Design Idea #3

Fold white card paper in half to make a card. Now take a piece of green felt and draw a Christmas tree shape over it. Take a metallic red ribbon, which is not more than one inch in width. Tie it vertically to the upper flap at the left corner. Tie a knot with two loops at the top. Now glue the felt Christmas tree cutout in the remaining space.
Have star and crescent moon shape cutouts on glittery paper. Stick these Christmas ornament cutouts over the tree. You can also have red or maroon ball cutouts using felt or glitter paper and glue them on the tree. An attractive card is ready. You can involve your children in the task of making cutouts.

Design Idea #4

Take a plain white and a golden card paper. Now draw an outline of tree on the golden paper. Cut out the tree to have a golden tree which can be glued over the card paper. Now glue it on the greeting card. Use metallic ribbon in red, golden and silver color and sequins to jazz up this tree. Finish by adding a red ribbon bow at one side of the golden tree. 

Design Idea #5

Making this card is extremely easy and best option for those who are not good at drawing and craft. Take a plain card paper. You can choose to have a colored or white paper. Now glue a ribbon bow on its top right-side corner. Next, take a red sketch pen and write a cute Christmas message on the card in large and stylish font.
You can practice this first on a rough paper. Decide what to write in the cards carefully to give it the right finishing touch. Now take a few tiny stars, which are easily available in craft stores in golden and silver color. Stick these randomly over and around the text. A simple and beautiful greeting card is ready.

Design Idea #6

Christmas wreaths are among the most popular decor items used during Christmas. Why not have them on your cards, to make it a perfect for occasion?
Take white, shiny red, maroon, silver, green and cream-colored drawing papers. Also, take a red satin ribbon and a red fabric wire. Punch the glitter paper to make round shaped pieces of different sizes. Don't make very small circles. Once you have many circles, take a pencil and draw a circle over the card, as large as possible to cover maximum card area.
Now draw another circle inside it. There must be at least 1½ inches gap between two circles. Take glue and go on sticking the punched circles on the card, between the two circles. Paste randomly and overlap as well.
Once the entire circle is covered. Take the satin ribbon and tie it into a knot, to form two loops. Secure it using red fabric wire and stick it at top center of the circle. Its two free ends can be left free. A lovely card is ready.

Some Other Ideas

The ways mentioned here for making cards at home are easy. Explore your creativity, mix and match the ideas to make more cards and get all set to send warm Christmas wishes to your loved ones.