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Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Aastha Dogra Dec 20, 2018
Centerpieces add a classy touch to a dining table for guests, especially on festive occasions. Here are some of the most creative centerpiece ideas that will inspire you to make some amazing ones at home.
It's Christmas time! You have a decorated tree in place, your house looks beautiful, as every guest has already told you. The cookies, cakes, and other dishes are ready. Now, it's time for the family and friends to sit together and have dinner.
Speaking of dinner, the table decorations are as important as any other décor piece. In fact, your guests are more likely to remember them than any other decoration, as they will be looking at them closely while gorging on the food that you have prepared.
So, while setting the table, pay special attention to your centerpieces. Here are some tips on how to decorate and create a beautiful centerpiece.

Something Unique

If you are looking for some unconventional ideas, then this one fits the bill, perfectly. You need a large glass bowl to create this. If you have a footed one, even better. Fill this large glass bowl with bright pink-colored balls which you get as Christmas ornaments.
Next, keep four martini or champagne glasses, two on either side of this bowl, and place one purple ball in each glass. You may choose the color of the ornaments according to your room décor. In case you do not have a glass bowl at home, you can keep any other decorative bowl in its place.

Something Cute

Simply keep a large platter on the table. Cover this with fresh pine boughs. On top of them, arrange a few wrapped gifts.
You may add multicolored bows to these gifts to enhance the visual appeal of your centerpiece. You can gift-wrap a few small boxes yourself and add them to the centerpiece, too.

Something Fruity

Arrange a number of fruits of different colors and shapes in a large bowl.
Start with placing apples, first. Next, pile the lemons, followed by placing a small glass bowl right at the top in the center, filled with cranberries. You may add a few rose petals here and there to beautify this fruity arrangement.

Something Bright

Place a small platter on the table. Keep five thick, white candles of various heights on it. Place a few red roses between the candles. When everyone sits for dinner, just light the candles and you have a bright centerpiece ready!

Something Mesmerizing

Keep a square-shaped, green, satin cloth in the middle of the table. Next, place five Collins glasses on this cloth, four on every corner, and one in the middle.
Fill the glasses, about one-fourth high, with cranberries, and pour water into it, right up to the brim. In the end, place a floating candle in each glass.

Something Christmassy

Make a centerpiece with small things associated with Christmas traditions. Take a Christmas tree skirt and decorate it with a mini Santa Claus, small crystal angel, stocking, bell, and miniature tree ornament. Keep an unlit red and green candle in the middle of all this.
When it comes to Christmas centerpieces, you do not have to spend much or go around looking for things to make them. Fruits, flowers, ornaments, gifts, leaves, pine boughs - you have everything you need. All you have to do is to use a bit of your imagination and you can create some stunning centerpieces yourself.