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Christmas Crafts for Kids

Mamta Mule Dec 17, 2018
Working on Christmas crafts is a favorite task of kids. While there are many craft items that are commonly prepared during Christmas, a few of them are easy to make and hence, the best picks for the little ones. Well, Read on and get to know about a such easy crafts that they will enjoy making.
Christmas offers all those craft lovers another chance to explore their creativity. Holiday season is also a great time for kids to enjoy working on lovely arts and craft pieces. Kids love the task of cutting, gluing, drawing, decorating and they can spend hours on craft projects.
With some easy and colorful crafts, they can also take part in the fun-filled activity of Christmas decorations. There are a number of best Christmas crafts for kids that they can work on. Here are a few of them which kids can try making with help of their parents, if required. We are sure that they will have complete fun while working on these craft ideas.

Small Glittery Balls

These are the best Christmas decoration accessories that kids can make. You will need a ribbon or golden thread, glitter powder (golden, silver, red, green, pink), tissue paper, kitchen foil and glue.
Take a roll of silver foil. Remove a piece from this roll, for making a crumpled silver foil ball from it. Press and shape it well, to form a round ball. You might need some time to get the right shape. Take small pieces of tissue papers and dip them into glue. Stick them over the foil ball to cover it properly. Cover entire ball with such pieces of tissue.
While the tissues are still wet, sprinkle glitter on it. Add a layer of glue and then sprinkle glitter over the ball. Add a loop of ribbon or golden thread to it and secure the same to the ball, before sticking tissue papers. Thread will help you hang the balls to Christmas tree, wreath or for decoration. Make a few balls using different color of glitter.

Beautiful Stocking Decorations

Decorating Christmas stockings can be fun, especially when there are so many ways to jazz up these pieces. Gathering items like stones, sequins, buttons, beads, colorful laces, satin ribbons, metallic ribbons and felt to grace the stockings.
Have a design traced over it with a light pencil so that you can rightly work on the piece to have a well-defined decoration. You can simply decorate the borders with laces or beads and then stitch 4-5 large decorative buttons in the center. An easy idea is to glue the decorative pieces over the stockings instead of sewing them.
Glue sequins and use the lace for writing 'Merry Christmas' over the stocking. Add a small metallic ribbon bow on the stocking or add a border of metallic ribbon to enhance the stocking. You can also consider making handmade Christmas stocking and then decorating them.

Christmas Greeting Cards

Greeting cards make one of the interesting crafts. Here's an idea for your kids, on making Christmas cards.
Take a white card paper, golden and silver paper, thin ribbon in red color and tiny golden-colored stars. Start by folding the card paper into half to have a basic greeting card. Now you will be working on the front side. Take the golden paper and draw an outline of a Christmas tree over it. Cut the same and stick the Christmas tree on the card.
Now, take silver glitter paper and have bells and crescent moon shaped cutouts from it. Stick all these over the Christmas tree along with golden stars. Add a ribbon bow on top corner of the card. Write a nice Christmas message inside it with a stylish font to finish the card. You can further jazz up the card by using glitter sketch pens.

Christmas Wreath Decoration

Wreaths make popular Christmas decor items which can be used to grace the doors, entrance gate, walls, interior pillars and even the section above a fireplace mantel.
To make a wreath you need a green feather boa, glitter balls, red and golden metallic ribbon and glue. Purchase a wired boa which will be easy to bend and form a round shape. So, start by bending the wired boa to form a round shape. You can wrap or fix the feather boa on a wire, in case the same is not having a wire attached. Now fix glitter balls on it.
Next, take the golden ribbon and wrap it around the wreath loosely. Next add 2-3 bows of red ribbon on the wreath. You can add artificial flowers on the wreath to play up its look. Artificial leaves can also be added to the wreath. You can spray them with golden or silver color to spice up the effect.
Apart from these ideas there are many other crafts that your kids can work on. Foam snowman, candles, stained glass, candy cane ornaments, reindeer ornaments, Christmas lanterns, potpourri jar are some other crafts that you can try out. So, gather the material and let your kids enjoy the festival while working on creative craft ideas. Merry Christmas!