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Christmas Decorations to Make

Priya Johnson Dec 14, 2018
With the way the rates of Christmas decorations are soaring, it's better to make them at home itself. Let's take a look at some easy Christmas decoration crafts, that you can help your children make this holiday season.
Christmas decorations pose as wonderful rostrums to bring the true message of Christmas to children. Since kids are bubbling with energy, creative and eager to learn one can help them understand what Christmas is all about through different homemade crafts. Kids love seeing their work hung up on the tree or in their rooms, so let's give them what they want.
There are several beautiful and unique Christmas decorations one can make at home, however, their complexity level will depend on the age of your child.
If your kids are too small to make their own crafts, you could help them make it and narrate the story of Christmas to them after the craft session. You can also tone down the level of complexity by doing some preparatory work and leaving just the assembling bit to the child, so that the child feels involved.

Simple Christmas Decorations for Kids

Here are some simple Christmas crafts that you can prepare this holiday season. Before starting any craft activity, make sure you have the required raw materials. Feel free to substitute materials if you don't have the specified item. Craft activities are all about improvisations, so using alternatives is the best way out.

Handy Wreath

Materials Required
♦ Cardboard Sheet
♦ Christmas Balls
♦ Super Glue
♦ Long Ribbon
♦ Green Construction Paper
♦ Marker
For the wreath, draw a large circle (use a plate for reference) on the cardboard sheet, and cut it out. On this circular sheet draw another smaller circle, and cut out the innermost circle, to form a wreath-shaped base. Next, cover the cardboard in green construction paper if you like. It gives a better grip for the Christmas balls to stick on.
On this green base, start sticking Christmas balls of different sizes, using Super Glue. Make sure you place the different colors such that they complement each other. You can also use only gold and silver balls; they form a lovely Christmas wreath. Stick the ribbon at the back, and your handy wreath is ready to be hung.


Materials Required
♦ White Felt
♦ Black Felt
♦ Cotton
♦ Pair of Scissors
♦ Needle
♦ Thread
♦ Checkered Ribbon
♦ 5 Black Beads
♦ 1 Red Bead
Fold the piece of white felt. On this folded section, using the black marker draw the outline of a snowman. You can use two bottle caps of different sizes to help draw it. Then cut out using the outline as a reference. Cut the joint, thus, separating the two snowmen cutouts.
Place cotton in between the two cutouts and sew the edges together, with needle and thread. Now take the black felt and cut out a hat. Sew the hat onto the snowman. Stick two black beads for the eyes, and three black beads on its body. The red bead forms the nose. Tie the checkered ribbon around the snowman's neck. Your very own Christmas snowman is ready.

Christmas Mobile

Materials Required
♦ Felt (red, white, green, blue, yellow)
♦ Needle and Thread
♦ Markers
♦ Cotton
♦ Clothes Hanger
♦ Red Ribbon
♦ Cookie Cutters
Draw shapes of stars, bells, holly leaves, stockings, candy cane, snowmen, angels, etc., onto respective colors (or same color) of felt and cut out the shapes. Use cookie cutters for reference. Have your children use these cutters to trace their decorations. Then help them cut out the shapes.
Prepare two of each shape, and once they're done, place cotton in between the cutouts and sew them together. Sew a small piece of ribbon behind each cutout to form a hook. Use the rest of the ribbon to entwine the hanger. On this hanger tie each cutout. Adjust the lengths to form a Christmas mobile.

Christmas Candle Holder

Materials Required
♦ Votive Candles (preferably red)
♦ Small plain glasses into which the votive candles can fit
♦ Silver Beads
♦ Super Glue
♦ Glass Paints
If you are not able to get hold of votive candles, just take a few red candles and melt them in a double boiler. Once the candles melt, carefully take out the wick from the molten wax. Keep the wick aside to dry. Then take your glasses and pour the molten wax into them, until the glass is ¾th full.
Take a matchstick and pinch a part of the dried wick on the matchstick such that the wick remains attached at end, while the rest hangs down. Dip the wick into the molten wax such that the matchstick rests on the mouth of the glass. This ensures that the wick remains straight. Allow this to dry and then chop of the wick below the matchstick and it is ready.
You can either decorate the candle or the glass. To decorate the candle, simply stick the silver beads onto the red candles. The candles look simple, but elegant. To decorate the candle holder, use glass paints.
Draw holly leaves on the glass with the black liner (available with the kit) and allow it to dry. Then fill the design with red and green glass paints. If you have some glitter, sprinkle it on the design while the paint is wet. Allow it to dry. Your Christmas candle with candle holder is ready to be placed on the Christmas dinner table!

Decorative Christmas Balls

Materials Required
♦ Christmas Balls
♦ Glitter Glue (any color)
♦ Egg Cups
To make decorative balls, place your old Christmas balls in egg cups. Now using the glitter glue, start drawing different designs on the Christmas balls. You can pick Christmas patterns or any random pattern you like. Allow the balls to dry and then invert them in the cups.
Once inverted, work in the same manner. Once they're dry, your customized Christmas balls are ready to be hung on the Christmas tree. You can also write names or write little messages on these balls!
The list of Christmas decorations that one can make can be endless. The best way to bring out something new is by looking around the house. You are sure to find old clothing, beads, and loads of other decorative items that would otherwise enter the trash.
Beads from broken necklaces can be used to decorate paper craft Christmas trees, etc. Old cans, cartons, frocks, and other such items are also exceptionally useful. Use your creativity and dole out interesting Christmas crafts this season!