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Christmas Gag Gifts

Rujuta Borkar Dec 19, 2018
Need some Christmas gag gifts to put a twist to the Christmas celebrations this year around? Continue reading for some of the most innovative ideas.
You know how there's always the whole serious note put to the tradition of Christmas gifts? Like how they have to be really special and how they have to mean something? Well, yes, that is true, they do have to mean something, but also, you can put a little twist to the whole Christmas gifting tradition and no one will really mind.
What's the harm in having a little harmless fun? No harm at all if you do it in the right spirit. So how are you going to give that twist to the gifting tradition? Perfect solution? Christmas gag gifts! And we don't even insist that you pull this one on every single person that you know, just the ones who are close enough to you and you know can take a joke.
So it's done then, you're looking to have some fun this Christmas and bring in the joy with the slightly non-traditional approach. I'm guessing that you don't really have many ideas about the gag Christmas gifts that you can use? So to help you out the, here are some funny gag gifts to look into.

Box in Box

This might have been done a number of times, but it still doesn't stop being funny. Here's how you do this―take a minuscule box and put in a chit of paper that says 'I couldn't really find you anything, but feel free to use the boxes' or 'It's the thought that counts, really'.

Batteries Special

Here's a simple one that's ought to get them laughing. Buy two regular batteries and wrap them in a box, with a simple note that says 'Toy not included'. It's cheeky and so much fun to watch the reaction! Everyone there will love it.

Straw Hat

Here is an easy to make gift that is in the same league. Put in some straw or hay in an empty box and include a chit that says 'Contents―One straw hat (Needs to be assembled).

Stinkin' Donuts

This one is a mean, mean trick to play, but still fun. Get a donut 2-3 days before Christmas and gift wrap in a box, then place it under the Christmas tree. The reaction on getting a stinkin' donut is quite difficult to beat. You'll see.
And that is how you go about spreading some joy with these gag gifts. If you're up to it and do play it right, then you can come up with 12 days of Christmas gag gifts and have a very, very entertaining Christmas this year around. What do you think? Want to give it a shot?