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Christmas Games for Adults

Parashar Joshi Dec 14, 2018
It's Christmas time! Here are some good Christmas games for adults to play and enjoy, at your upcoming Christmas party.
What is Christmas without a Christmas party? And what is a Christmas party without a few good party games? It is not always the children who play games. Grown-ups too can let their hair down at times and have fun playing games.
If you are hosting a party at your home or office, then getting the guests break the ice and interact among themselves is a big task. You could always introduce the guests to Christmas party games. Apart from singing carols, gorging on the delicious food laid on the table and exchanging gifts, games will help them open up more.
Well, for all you grownups who are hosting a Christmas party and are on the lookout for suggestions regarding Christmas games for adults to play, you're at the right place. There are quite a few sober and fun party games that can be enjoyed by guests. Here are a few ideas regarding Christmas party games for adults. Read ahead to find out what they are!

Christmas Games for Adults to Play at a Christmas Party

If you are planning to play games at your Christmas party, then make sure you are ready with the gifts. Christmas is the time of giving and sharing and it will make the exercise of Christmas games worth the effort.
People will participate enthusiastically, when they know they can win themselves a gift this season. Assuming that it's an indoor party that is being hosted in the warmth and comfort of your own home, here are some Christmas party games for grownups.

Language Test

Let's start with something simple to set things in motion. How do most of us wish one another a merry Christmas? Simple! Using the English words 'Merry Christmas'! (What else were you thinking!!?) Well, how about turning this into an interesting language exercise?
Using this information on wishing merry Christmas in different languages, you can have a game wherein someone reads out 'Merry Christmas' in a language, and the person who correctly guesses the language, wins a gift or a prize. Quite a simple way of adding to your knowledge about the different ways of celebrating Christmas around the world, don't you think?

Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz

Christmas is the time when holiday movies and Christmas-theme films are aired on almost all entertainment and movie channels. Over the years, some of these holiday films and movies have become quite legendary.
So, if most of your party guests are movie buffs, then you can have a Christmas movie trivia quiz wherein the person who correctly answers the most number of trivia questions wins a special Christmas gift. Combine this game with charades, and the enjoyment factor will magnify big time!

Dress the Snowman

Who says adults and grownups must always behave in a serious, mature manner all the time? Let lose the child in you! Take this game outdoors on a lovely snowy Christmas night.
Divide your guests into 2-3 teams. The objective of each team is to prepare a snowman from scratch and then dress him up in the best possible manner, all within the stipulated time limit. Provide each team with a similar set of clothes, accessories, etc. with which to decorate and dress up the snowman. Needless to say, the team which does the best job wins!

Talent Hunt

Have an in-house version of America's Got Talent! Hire a karaoke machine and get all the guests to loosen their vocal cords. Karaoke can be seriously addictive, and once the fever hits you, it'll be a while before you let go of that mike and sit back down on the couch.
Alternatively, you can also have a dancing contest. It could be ballet, salsa, rumba.. anything. Put on some good dance music and enjoy the evening. At the end of it, you can award the best performers with titles such as 'Karaoke King', 'Dancing Queen', etc.

Couple Quiz

If you're going to have a lot of couples at the party, then you could think of playing a game of couple quiz questions, wherein you test one partner's knowledge about the other. It's pretty much similar to the game that newlywed couples play at post wedding parties or showers.
Of course, if your guest list comprises couples of all ages and not just newlyweds or young couples, then you will need to tweak those questions a little to make them a bit more generalized and suitable for all the guests.

Rudolf, Rudolf!

A fun game where your guests will be divided in a team of two or more. Each team will be given a bag of balloons (10 to 12 balloons) and a net stocking. On 'Go', the team has to blow up all the balloons and fill it up the stocking.
Once all the balloons are blown and in the stocking, one member has to wear the stocking on the head, like a 'reindeer antler' and shout 'Rudolf'. The team that finishes first, wins!
Well, these were a few ideas regarding Christmas games for adults. You could even try other games such as 'Spying them All', 'Sneaky Santa', 'Guess the Song/Carol', etc. You could even invent a game of your own or plunder the Internet for more games. Have loads of fun playing Christmas party games with your friends and family. Merry Christmas!