Christmas Gift Baskets

Aren't you feeling happy and excited because you know Christmas is just around the corner? It is a festival of joy and cheer. Read on for some interesting Christmas gift basket ideas to make this season a special one for others and to spread the joy to others around you!
CelebrationJoy Staff
The bells are ringing and the snow is falling gently on the ground. The air is abuzz with sounds of excited shoppers rushing to get their hands on gifts for their loved ones. Loaded with excitement, Christmas time brings a feeling of love and togetherness. From homemade Christmas gifts to those bought from shops, Christmas time is a busy one, spent planning for gifts for friends and family. Christmas baskets are one of the popular options that are sold at many gift stores. They look attractive and can incorporate many items to delight a person on Christmas day. The beauty also remains in that fact that they can be given as personalized gifts. While personalizing baskets, you must always bear in mind the person's choices and hobbies. This will help you understand the kind of hampers to be planned. Let's take a look at some ideas for gift baskets for Christmas.
For the Beauty-conscious
If the recipient is very conscious of how they look, then it would be possible to include items that enhance and accentuate a person's appearance. You can include cosmetics such as nail polish, lipsticks, nail enamel remover, hand and body lotions, hair wash and conditioners, shower gels and bubble bath solutions, hair brush, rollers, etc. You can pick an assortment of brands (stick to a certain brand if they are particular), pack it beautifully and place it beneath the Christmas tree.
For the Domestic Diva
If the person you want to gift the basket to loves to decorate her home and cook, then you can pick from an assortment of items to please the lovely lady. Add a cookbook, crockery, scented candles, scented soap, fluffy robes, Christmas goodies, pretty tablecloths and other linen, sewing box, etc. Choose the items as per her preferences so that you are sure you will delight her!
For the Adventurous Personality
If the person loves the outdoors and prefers to be with nature every time he/she gets a chance for a mini-break, then you can have fun putting together many items for this loved one of yours. Pack together a compass, a snazzy flashlight, crockery meant for the outdoors, binoculars, trekking shoes with socks, colorful Tees, trendy cargos, sunglasses, bandannas, sun screen lotion, etc. This gift basket will not only bring a smile on his/her face, it will also have many utility items for the adventurous person.
For the Complete Foodie
A complete food lover would love to receive a Christmas gift basket with loads of wine and cheese! Add some food gifts such as Christmas cookies, chocolates, exotic fruits, cakes, cookbook, food passes at a luxurious restaurant for a couple, raspberry desserts, chocolate toffee almonds, flavored coffee and tea, etc. After all, some indulgence in food is absolutely allowed at Christmas time!
For the Technologically Savvy
If the recipient is a computer buff, you can add many items related to computers. Some suggested items you can include are mouse pads, CD cases, spill-proof mugs, wrist rests, headphones, pen drive, expandable memory card, computer cover, external hard drive etc. These items will be of tremendous use to the person who receives such a thoughtful gift basket!
For Children
Children might be a little difficult to please; however, you can still have fun planning gift baskets for kids. Add some yo-yos, puzzles and riddles, coloring books, crayons, soft toys, dolls, video games, skipping rope, colored pen set, markers, stickers, postage stamps from various countries, colored inks, etc. You can also plan the gift basket as per the age of the child and adjust the items accordingly.
These ideas for gift baskets that you can create for Christmas will help you personalize the gift to make it truly meaningful. Have a fun time compiling these gifts together. Merry Christmas!
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