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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Rashida Khilawala Dec 17, 2018
Given the plethora of gift items available in the market, buying a Christmas gift for your boyfriend may seem like a confusing task. The following information attempts to do away with that confusion, giving you enough options to make even that difficult-to-please boyfriend happy.
Tech gifts, PlayStation or Xbox, tablets, are the top or the hottest gifts this festive season. It's that time of the year! The time to shop for Christmas gifts for your loved ones. And while you generally know what to get for everyone, the one person that leaves you in a quandary is your boyfriend.
The gift needs to be chosen carefully, as you don't want to get him something tacky, which he will not like or show any enthusiasm for. On the other hand, you don't want to go overboard either. So a lot of thought has to be put into it, and this Christmas we help you by giving you a variety of gifts to choose from.
You have to keep in mind certain other factors - like how long you have been dating and how serious the relationship is - before buying a gift.
Getting him a smartphone if you have been dating just a few days is a no-no, but it's okay if you've been dating for about 2 years. That being said, we would like you to use your own judgment on the amount you spend, but as a tip, keep it proportional to the time and seriousness of the relationship.

Gifts You Can Make

Homemade gifts encompass the true spirit of Christmas. The love that you put in a homemade gift shows, and this is better than anything that you can ever buy from a store. For this reason, homemade gifts should top the list when it comes to presenting your boyfriend with anything. Here are some good ideas that you can opt for.

Memory Jar

If you have been dating for a while, there are high chances that you will have gone for movies, concerts, games, trips, etc., with your boyfriend. What becomes of the ticket stubs that remain from these encounters?
Girls have everything stored away neatly, reminding them of every occasion, while guys, in spite of their noble intentions, usually find the remnants of the stubs in the wash. This gift is ideal for the guy who 'accidentally' misplaces these important curios. A simple jar decorated well, or made-from-scratch elaborate wooden affair are some of the options.

Personalized Card

Nothing says it better than words, and this year, personalize a Christmas card for your boyfriend, wishing him a Merry Christmas, and reminding him of your love. Use the Christmas theme and don't hold anything back. 
While making the card, however, remember that it is Christmas gift, and not a Valentine one - convey the right message, with subtle hints about your feelings for him. The scope for decorating such cards is potentially unlimited, so use all your creativity to make something simply stunning.

Homemade Chocolate

If your boyfriend has a sweet tooth, then there can be nothing better than making chocolates for him. Even if he doesn't, he will surely cherish the love and effort you have put into making them.
There are various flavors that you can experiment with (according to his taste obviously). Play around with molds of different designs and shapes. If he likes anything in particular, like chocolate truffles, ensure that you make him that.


If you can knit, then a sweater or a scarf, or even muffs, can make for a wonderful Christmas gift for your boyfriend.
Use Christmas colors but don't go so overboard with them, that he just relegates it to the back of his closet. You can even knit-in his initials to make it a truly personalized gift. Just make sure that you get the size right, and that he uses the item that you are planning to knit.

Collage of Photographs

This can make for an interesting Christmas gift.
collect all the photographs you have as a couple, and make a collage for him. This gift will not only be touching, but will remind him of the great times you have spent together. Of course, this will only work if you have been dating him for a while and have adequate pictures to make a collage. Frame it nicely and decorate it before presenting it to him.


If you are good at painting, then you can paint something as a part of his Christmas gift. You can choose whatever you want as a subject for the painting, but a place you have visited or something meaningful to him would be a better idea.
If you have no ideas on what to paint, a Christmas scene would be appropriate as well. You can get it framed and present it to him.

Gifts You Can Buy

If you think homemade gifts are beyond the scope of your time, don't worry. There are many things that you can buy as well that will make him croon in delight. If you think he is the kind to appreciate such gifts more, there is no harm in trying out these options. 

Monogrammed Pen

In spite of this being called the digital age, everyone uses a pen for something or the other. A monogrammed pen will make him think of you whenever he uses it, and it will add that special touch to everything he writes. 
This is a good gift for people on a budget, though the cost of a classy pen can go into thousands as well. Keep it simple, with just his initials and Merry Christmas - clutter it and you run the risk of him being embarrassed to use it in public.


If he has been using his old laptop for a while, maybe it's time you upgraded him to a newer model. This is a gift that he will not only love, but will be practical as well. 
There are many models you can choose from, depending on your budget, and they can be inscribed with a personal message as well. Of course, this is an expensive gift, so tread carefully, you first need to have a budget this big, and you don't want to freak him out.


Another expensive gift for a boyfriend, but one that you can rarely go wrong with. Upgrade him to the new iPhone, or buy him the new iPhone if he does not have a smartphone. 
If your boyfriend is not too keen about Apple, fret not, there are other options as well. You can gift him any smartphone instead of the iPhone. There are various models that you can choose from, and there will surely be one that strikes his fancy. In general, when buying a phone for a guy, think latest, biggest, and fastest!
If he has recently purchased the iPhone or any other smartphone, then there are thousands of accessories, ranging from protective cases to speaker systems, that can make for a good Christmas present for your boyfriend. Decide the perfect gift depending on your budget.

Video Game Console

Most guys love playing video games. If you think that he will have enough time for you after giving him a video game console, then this is another of those options that you can't go wrong with. 
An Xbox or Playstation can be the perfect gift, if you can manage to pry him away from it occasionally. If he already is a proud owner of a console, then the latest games for that console will be a good idea.


If you have the budget, gifting your boyfriend a vacation as a Christmas gift can be a novel idea. It will get him away from the humdrum of life, and allow him time to relax and rejuvenate himself. 
There are many options like a nice romantic vacation, or an action packed adventure. Take his likes into consideration to make it more special. If you do end up using this idea, make sure that he can take the time off, and importantly, ensure that the vacation is not on Christmas day or New Year, where spending time with his family will be more important.
Besides these, there are many other things that you can gift your boyfriend for Christmas, depending on his likes and dislikes. Some of these options include:
♦ Passes for a sports match, if his favorite team is playing.
♦ Yearly subscription for gym or for his hobby, because you love to see him doing what he loves.
♦ A personalized golf club set, if he is an aficionado of the game.
♦ A personalized beer keg, if he likes his drink.
♦ Books, if he loves to read (limited, autographed editions are a good choice).
♦ Some of his favorite music, or an iTunes gift voucher.
♦ Home tool kits, if he loves anything DIY.
Whatever you gift him, do not forget what Christmas is all about, and include lots of love and good wishes with your gift. Make sure that you also have a personalized holiday card with your gift. May your search for the right gift be successful, and may you have a Blessed Christmas!