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Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees

Rujuta Borkar Dec 19, 2018
You're throwing a Christmas party at the office and need some Christmas gift ideas for employees? Given here are some of the best gift ideas you can choose from to make this Christmas really special for everyone.
One of the traditions that makes Christmas feel like Christmas is the exchanging of gifts during the festive season. Receiving gifts always lends a warm feeling and lets people know that they are remembered in special times.
This tradition does not remain confined to merely family members or friends but transcends to other relations as well. An organization-employee relation is no exception to this rule either, and that is precisely the aspect that we shall be concentrating here.
Now that Christmas is almost upon us, what better time than the present to show your employees that you appreciate them and that you value their work and efforts? How will you do that? Give them Christmas gifts!
It's one of the most practical, yet sentimental ideas that you can use to show your employees that you appreciate their work. Here, let us give you some thoughtful gift ideas for employees and show you how it's done the right way.

Employee Christmas Gift Ideas

What exactly can you give your employees? We mean, there's so many of them and it's not like you can give each one an individually crafted gift like you would your friends or family. In such a case, a generic gift seems to work perfectly. The following are some ideas.

Gift Certificates

Here is an idea that is one of the most popular Christmas gift ideas because it not only serves your purpose of gifting someone something but also gives them exactly what they want.
All you have to do is get them a gift certificate from one of the all-inclusive malls so that they can get whatever they want and you don't have to stress out. The advantage is that you can decide the budget. All in all, everyone's happy and that's all that matters.

Assorted Items Basket

Gifting your employees a huge Christmas gift basket works out perfectly as well.
The best part is that you get to choose what you want to put in the basket, depending on your budget and the like. Some of the items that you can include are expensive chocolates, skin care items, dried fruits and other similar items.

A day on Pay

Here's something that is unique and special and will probably get the employees loving you. Extend their holidays by a day or two and don't cut their pay for it. You have no idea how much they'll be craving for this office Christmas gift idea. You give them this and you won't have to look anywhere else for anything else.


A cash bonus is also one of the most popular Christmas corporate gifts that you could give your employees. They could do with the extra cash during this season and they'll appreciate the gesture a lot.

One of a Kind

Give them one exclusive, expensive and classic gift, and that's it.
Some of the things that you can look into are a good cell phone, a bottle of wine or a cashmere scarf. These are some of the more exclusive items that people don't get around to buying that easily.


How about gifting them a souvenir from a famous place or an item that is exclusively available only in that place? Like a particular cake or a jersey? It's the thought that counts, isn't it? They'll love the fact that you thought of them and got them something so rare. What exactly you'll get for them, we leave up to you, of course.

Formal Dinner

Host a high-end formal dinner for the employees and their families. Give them a taste of the good world with formal attire and an instrumental band, assorted cuisines and drinks. What a way to bring in the holiday season.
And there you have it, some of the best Christmas gift ideas for employees. Use any one of these ideas and you'll have a very, very happy staff working for you. A happy and contented staff is a nice way to begin the holiday season, don't you think?