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Christmas Gifts for Couples

Ankana Dey Choudhury Dec 19, 2018
Finding unique gifts for couples can be quite testing as it is always easy to gift an individual something as per his liking. However, putting your finger on something that two people as a couple will like, is not at all easy. On top of that, the gift has to be in tandem with your relationship with them.
"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!" ~ Hamilton Wright Mabie.
'Intoxicating' is the word that comes to mind as one feels the exhilarating vibrations of the approaching Christmas season and the love and sharing that prevails in the world at this point of the year. Truly nothing can surpass the feeling of sheer euphoria on seeing the smile that appears on someone's face on receiving a present of love.
However, finding a gift that is equally meaningful to not one but two people can sometimes be quite dicey. Fret not, as here, are a few classy and unparalleled Christmas gifts for couples, potent enough to leave lifelong impressions of love in the heart.
'You Fit Together' Mugs ~ Well, complementary cups with their contours fitting into each other to form a singular body, are easily available.
However, here's what you can do to personalize it for your parents or grandparents; You can draw a scene with you in your young avatar standing in between your parents, holding their hands. Remember to retain that childlike crudeness in the drawing with the color not keeping within the lines, as if it was made by you when you were five years old.
Now, get the picture embossed on the cups in a manner that it is a complete picture only when the two are placed together. Include a message with the drawing saying "I shall always remain your little .....(your name)".
Preferably use your pet name. Also, while you make the drawing, make arrows and indicate 'Mama', 'Papa', and 'Me' or 'Little Shania'. Your parents will love it, as it will return their little child's memory to them, who belonged to only them and nobody else at one point in time.
'You Fill Up My Senses' Collage ~ This can be made for anybody actually.
If you are making it for your parents or grandparents, simply include all the vital moments of your lives together and you can actually place the pictures in a way that you create the spelling of your surname with them.
When making it for friends who just decided to tie the knot a few months back, you can include all those photographs that portray the different stages of their pre-nuptial relationship, as well as snaps of all those who aided their union to become successful.
It will not only be like a recapitulation of their entire life together, but also a source of great comfort when low, as it will show them the reasons why they are together and what they are capable of as a couple.
'Perfect Blend' Watches ~ If you happen to contemplate on what to give your boss and his wife for Christmas, as they seem to own everything.
You can't really give them something extremely personal, given your professional relationship, then here's one of the best options; Just give them a couple's watch set. You can even etch a small message at the back of the watch like 'Your encouragement is my light' or may be just the date.
Trust me, not only is it a very suave, sophisticated, and decent Christmas gift, but also a way to show your appreciation for the man who mentors you well.
'Opposites Attract' Woolens ~ Here's something you can actually give your sister and brother-in-law. Knit his and her cardigans or mufflers in contrasting colors such as red and blue, green and pink, or the classic black and white. Personalize the two by making initials of their names intricately woven into each other.
If it's a pullover, you can also write "We Fit" on one and "Together" on the other. A perfect homemade Christmas gift for a couple. Even if the woolen is a ready-made one, you can always get the writing and embroidery work professionally done on it. A gift that will keep them warm from without and within!
'Everlasting Captures' Display ~ If the couple who you wish to make happy, happens to adore technology, then this would be a great gift. Just gather all your memorable Christmas photographs with them and load it into a digital photo frame.
Not only will their thirst for gizmos be catered to, but you shall remind them of all those beautiful Christmas instances that lighted up so many precious moments of their lives. A digital photo frame retains the old world charm of traditional photo frames and also allows a person to see several photos one after the other and actually keep adding more snaps.
It is also a perfect gift for an elder brother who loves to show off photos and a sister-in-law who cannot associate computers as a piece of aesthetic room d├ęcor piece.
So, following the mantra of a yin-yang or duality in everything, you can present these gifts for couples and rest assured to strike a few chords in the hearts of your loved and treasured ones. Christmas gifts are a part of the tradition to spread joy; so go on and brighten up a few lives!