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Christmas Gifts for Employees

Puja Lalwani Dec 17, 2018
It's not uncommon, as an employer, to find yourself stuck about what to choose as Christmas gifts for your employees. Here are some ideas that will help.
No one should be forgotten when it comes to celebrating festivities and holidays. A time like Christmas specially, is a holiday that is special to one and all. Even those who don't celebrate it love what it stands for. As such, when it comes to giving Christmas gifts, no one should be ignored or left out. This includes your employees.
Giving them some great Christmas gifts shows how much you appreciate their effort, and is a way of expressing that they are valued members of your organization. Take a look at some great gifts you can give your employees that they are sure to love.

Gift Cards /Vouchers /Certificates

When confused about what to give your employees as gifts this Christmas, gift cards are your safest bet. A gift card worth a small but sufficient amount can help them buy books, video games, movies, food, or any other item of their choice. Knowing their preferences in advance will help you decide on the right gift card.

Personalized Corporate Merchandise

This is a great gift for employees in slightly senior positions. Engraved business card holders, pens, paperweights, and folders, all make for a great choice for such employees.
Particularly for employees who meet and greet clients very often, this option makes a very suitable business gift. On the other hand, if yours is a small organization, then this idea is great for all your employees. It makes them feel special and wanted, and works as one of the best personalized gifts from an employer to her/his employees.

Other Corporate Merchandise

For employees, corporate gifts in the form of merchandise such as a planner, a task manager, a USB device, and other such objects that will prove useful with their job is a good idea.
Some employers prefer giving merchandise with the office logo on it. As an employer, you may also opt for this choice.

Food and Drink

Not many people are the kind who don't appreciate food and drink; so if nothing else, why not choose food and drink as an option from the holiday gift ideas for employees? You can be assured that this will be a gift that is deeply appreciated.
From a simple box of chocolates to chocolate cigars, to a basket of gourmet cheese and wine, or gourmet coffee, the choice among food and drink as a gift is immense. Make your choice and give them the best Christmas gift ever.

Stress Busters

What more could your employees ask for, especially in a highly stressful job, than a couple of stress busters as Christmas corporate gifts?
A CD full of relaxing music, a stress ball, some aromatherapy candles, a journal, or gift baskets full of all these products together?
Perhaps relaxation is exactly what they were looking for this holiday season, so this gift just can't go wrong.

Christmas Dinner

If nothing else, how about a Christmas dinner organized in your office? You could either order in food, or have all of your employees bring in one dish, and make it sort of a potluck. Use this time to bond with each other and learn more about each other.
Remember not to mention any work in the process. This should be a complete 'no-office-talk' Christmas party where all of you simply have a great time.

Employee Caricatures

Infuse humor into a relatively down environment by having caricatures made of every employee and placing them on their desks before they arrive for work. If you can, mention a specific word or phrase they always keep uttering, along with the caricature. This will definitely bring a smile to their faces and leave for the Christmas holidays on a positive note.
These ideas should have inspired you enough to choose the perfect gift and give it to your wonderful employees. Remember, Christmas is the best time to give and receive, and to appreciate all that you have, all that makes life much simpler for you. Merry Christmas!