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Christmas Gifts for Mom 2018

Sujata Iyer Jan 9, 2019
A woman who takes care of every single need of yours, certainly deserves some pampering herself. This Christmas, make sure she gets the best gifts; from traditional ones to tech gifts, there are loads of ideas to choose from.
As Christmas draws near, the scramble for gifts begins. A mother is one of those special people who deserves to be given a gift so wonderful that she knows exactly how much she means to you. So, how can you make your gift stand apart from the others?

A Day at the Spa

Every mom has her hands full with loads of work before festival. What she forgets is that she needs to relax. She may slog off before Christmas and will be too tired to properly enjoy the big day. Help her rejuvenate beforehand:
♦ Make sure her mind and body are completely relaxed at the end of the day.
♦ Book an entire day at the spa for your mom a couple of days before Christmas.
♦ This way, you can all pitch in for the work she had planned for the day and give her another surprise when she gets home!

Silhouette Pendant

Conventional jewelry is passé. Try a creative twist, as simple as a pendant and see how wonderful it can be. For this idea, you'll need:
  • A side profile photograph of your mom
  • An image editing software
  • A new locket
You can easily create a silhouette using a photo editing software, or ask a professional to do it. Print the silhouette according to dimensions. Then cut it out and stick it. Your mum's custom silhouette pendant is ready. Get a ribbon or an elegant chain to go with the pendant.

Fitness Accessories

How about fitness accessories as gifts for mom! No matter what her age, something that encourages her to exercise and stay fit is a definite yes!
Depending on the fitness activities that your mom likes, you can gift her things that she would love. Try these options:
♦ A fitness tracker
♦ Workout leggings, Running tights
♦ Personal yoga mat
♦ Healthy food subscription box

A Wardrobe Overhaul

No woman has enough clothes. That is a fact. So, fill your mom's wardrobe as she filled yours when you were a teenager.
Take her shopping for some classy designer outfits and accessories. Take her for a wardrobe overhaul. Here are your options:
♦ A panama hat
♦ Printed silk or fur scarf
♦ Dresses
♦ Footwear
♦ Handbags
♦ A bracelet with her name inscribed on it

Tech Gifts

A laptop or a smartphone are some of the best gadgets that can be gifted. If your mom already has them, gift her accessories.
Some of the tech gift ideas you could choose from are:
♦ E-reader
♦ Smartphone-controlled garden lights
♦ Mobile covers and cases
♦ Bluetooth speaker
♦ Wake up lights

Personalized Home Stuff

If your mum is into decorating and loves to tend her home nonstop, a good gift will be a whole lot of decorative items that will mesh with what she already has. Take it one step further by having pictures of the family or just you and your siblings, printed on stuff that your mom can use everyday.
Some items you can try are:
♦ An apron
♦ A set of coasters
♦ An elegant water bottle set
♦ Wine glasses
♦ Wooden salt boxes
♦ A wall clock
♦ Personalized coffee mug
♦ Fridge magnets
♦ A key ring
♦ The new year calendar

Signature Brooch

Jewelry, cliché though it may sound, is one of the best gifts you can give your mother. Move away from necklaces and earrings. Try something different this year. Go for a personalized brooch instead.
Here's what you can do:
♦ Look for brooches representing them. If you can't find such brooches, have them made by a trusted jeweler.
♦ Look for mom's favorite thing. It could be an animal that she adores or a food item, or even good old shoes.
♦ Finally, engrave the brooch with her initials and the date.

Home Appliances

A clever gift you can give your mom is a home appliance - anything that you think will make her life as a homemaker a little easier.
Give her things like:
♦ A fancy blender
♦ A food processor
♦ A coffee maker
♦ A vacuum cleaner
♦ Mechanized gardening tools, etc.
Everyone likes to get their work done quickly and your mother will be delighted with the extra time she'll have on hand.

Beauty Products

Women of all ages love beauty products. You may already have an idea about what your mom's beauty kit consists of. If not, consider gifting her similar products which you are pretty sure she would like. We know she is pretty!
Just add these things to her makeup kit.
♦ Anti-aging cream
♦ Lipstick and Eyeliner
♦ Skincare products
♦ Hair brush
While you don't always need to wait for an occasion to tell your mom exactly what she means to you, Christmas is the perfect time to make up for all those missed opportunities. Create wonderful memories for your mom with these gifts, and let her know just how special she is.