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Christmas Hip-hop Songs

Stephen Rampur Dec 17, 2018
Songs with a hip-hop rhythm may not exactly be synonymous with the Christmas spirit, but these songs can be a great new addition to your playlist this season. Read more for such hip-hop songs suitable.
When you think of Christmas, and then again of the songs that go with the festival, hip-hop is a genre that does not really jump to your head. After all, it is a little difficult to associate a festival like Christmas with a genre that is known more for its hard-hitting lyrics, than for its lilting melodies.
While hip-hop Christmas songs never became a huge rage, there are some songs that are still hugely popular. Many hip-hop artists from the eighties and nineties have attempted to create songs that captured the essence of Christmas. Even today, there are some popular artists who release songs to celebrate the festive season.
While the list may not be the longest, there are some very catchy tunes and songs out there that are worth listening. Artists including Run-D.M.C., Jim Jones, Kurtis Blow, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, have all released Christmas hip-hop songs at some point of time in their career.
For a generation that has been literally brought up listening to this musical genre, these songs may be the best style to celebrate and enjoy this festival. Here are some of the best hip-hop songs to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

Top Hip-hop Songs for Christmas

If you are looking for a slight change from the usual list of songs that play in your house on Christmas, then maybe opting for the mentioned rap songs would be a refreshing change.
Take your pick from the list here:
  • Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa―De La Soul
  • I Wish―Tha Dogg Pound
  • Christmas Rappin'―Kurtis Blow
  • He's Santa Claus―Disco 4
  • This Christmas―Danny Boy
  • Sleigh Ride―TLC
  • Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto―Snoop Dogg
  • Christmas in Da Hood―Young Lo
  • Christmas In Hollis―Run-D.M.C.
  • Christmas In The Ghetto ― O.F.T.B.
  • Dipset X-Mas Time ― Jim Jones
  • Deck Da Club ― Ying Yang Twins
  • Christmas Rapture ― Blondie & Fab 5 Freddy
  • Ludacrismas ― Ludacris
  • Ballin' On Xmas ― Jim Jones
  • Santa's Beat Box ― Cut Master D.C.
  • Grinch 2000 ― Busta Rhymes feat. Jim Carrey
  • It's Christmas Time ― Jim Jones, Sandman, Esso, Mel Matrix
  • All I Want for Christmas Is to Get It Crunk ― Dirty Boyz
  • Cold Chillin' Christmas ― Juice Crew
  • Christmas Is ― Run-D.M.C.
  • The Christmas Song ― David Banner
  • Xmas Rap ― Treacherous Three feat. Doug E. Fresh
  • Santa Baby ― Rev Run, Puff Daddy, Mase, Salt N' Pepa, Onyx, and Keith Murray
  • Be Thankful ― Nate Dogg feat. Butch Cassidy
  • Chillin' With Santa ― Derek B
  • Let The Jingle Bells Rock ― Sweet Tee
  • That's What I Want For Christmas ― The Showboys
  • Christmas in Harlem ― Kanye West
  • HTK Holiday ― Hurricane The King (HTK)
  • Jingle Bells Hip Hop Rap Remix (Jesus is the Way) ― Beacon Light
  • Ghetto Santa ― Spyder-D
  • This Christmas ― Chris Brown
  • Ghostface X-Mas ― Ghostface Killah
  • Deck the Halls ― RZA feat. Craig Ferguson
  • I Wish ― Stevie Wonder
  • Player's Ball (Christmas Version) ― Outkast
  • Millie Pulled On Santa ― De La Soul
  • Jingle Bellz ― Juelz Santana and Starr
If after listening to this list, your interest in these songs awakens, and if you want to listen to more such tunes, some hip-hop albums are there that are dedicated to the festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
Many of the best albums in this category are compilations of different songs, but some are artist-specific.
  • Christmas Rap ― Compilation
  • A Carnival Christmas ― Insane Clown Posse
  • Christmas on Death Row ― Compilation
  • A Dipset Christmas ― Jim Jones
  • Gift Rap ― Cross Movement Records
  • Quad City: All-Star Christmas ― Compilation
These are some great albums released over the years with good songs that talk about Christmas. This list of Christmas hip-hop songs was subjective and indicative of the preference of the author. While these melodies may not be how you usually celebrate Christmas, it may, however, turn out to be a refreshing change at the end of the day. Merry Christmas!