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Delightful Christmas Holiday Invitations

Neil Valentine D'Silva Dec 17, 2018
Christmas holiday invitations are what set the impression for guests, about what's in store for them at your party. It is important to make interesting invitations, because a good invite often ensures a good party! Here are some ideas.
Sending out Christmas holiday invitations is one of the most joyful preludes to the approaching festive season. Don't you just love it when someone sends you a very carefully thought-out Christmas holiday invitation? And the delight is the greatest when the card is a cleverly worded one.
We put in so much effort and money into designing wedding invitations, but often neglect holiday invitations, which play a major role in preparing the guests for the party at your place, during the holidays. Also, it is important to design the invitation card such that the guests not only save the date, but also, eagerly look forward to your upcoming party.

Christmas Holiday Invitation Wordings

It is not easy to come up with unique wordings for your invitations. The wordings have to suit the kind of guests you are planning to invite. So here are some ideas. Remember to mention the date, time and venue somewhere near the wordings.

Idea # 1

This idea works if you are going to invite a small group of friends, who share a little sense of humor. It is also a good idea to use for a kids' Christmas party.
Martha will be there, Percy will be there
Rudolf will be there, even Santa will be there
At Jack and Mary's little lair
Come let us celebrate
With Christmas in the air!

Idea # 2

This is another idea that you can use to invite a younger crowd.
There will be reds and greens
And lots of kids and teens
Do please come and let us celebrate
On this very special December date!

Idea # 3

The following is a very staid-looking invite for an older crowd, or for a crowd that you are not very familiar with. You can use a similar kind of wording if you are new to the neighborhood and plan to convert your acquaintances into friendships this Christmas. Try the subtle approach.
We are having a small open house this Christmas at our place.
Do come in and make our festival special.
There's also a tree trimming event we wish your company for.

Idea # 4

If you are planning to have a Christmas Eve party, then you can use the following wordings.
Though the season is cold, our hearts are warm
And with warm hearts we welcome those we hold dear
Come and let us bring Christmas in together
And celebrate with a lovely dinner.

Christmas Holiday Invitation Themes

You need to have some Christmassy theme on your card, or it would not look festive at all. There are some places where you can get inspirations for your themes.
Check out the Internet first. There are many websites that will allow you to download plain cards for Christmas - plain means you will have to put the wordings in; the theme will be in place. If you get a good card, download it, put in the wordings you have selected and print them out.
You can make invitation cards on zoomin.com, wherein you can customize the card to have a photograph of you and your family. This will add a personal touch to the invite. You can also have a photograph of an earlier fun party you all had. This will remind the guests of the wonderful time they had before and keep them excited for this year's party as well.
If you do not like the cards over the Internet, you might get what you like in a Christmas store. Many gift shops stock plain invitation cards with the Christmas themes on them, where you can put in your own wordings. You can buy these cards in stacks and they are not much expensive.
You will have to keep in mind to get envelopes for them too. Most of the plain cards come with envelopes, though.
If you have an artistic hand, you can think of drawing something yourself. Or if you know some application like Photoshop or CorelDraw, you can make your own Christmas theme card.
After that you can either print it out on your home printer, or copy the design on a disk (with or without the wordings) and give it to a professional printer. Charges will be on the basis of the number of cards you order. Again, you must remember to order the envelopes as well.
You can also think of sending something like date-reminder tabs or fridge magnets, that will remind people of the date of your party. These are not very expensive - you will get them cheaply at any gift shop.

Things to Remember

♦ While designing, it is important to consider the age group attending the party. If it's a mixed age group, make sure your invitation is not too funky, but is elegant and stylish. The snowy landscapes and Christmas trees on invitation cards may not appear very appealing to a teenage crowd. So understand the mindset of your guests well in advance.
♦ The next point to remember is keep the wordings on the invitation short. It shouldn't exceed four to five lines. Nobody has the patience to read lengthy invitation cards. Use interesting wordings, but don't overdo it. Keep it crisp and clear and get to the point.
♦ Moreover, in the invitation card, don't sound like you are the only one throwing a party of a lifetime. This will sound cocky and turn off a couple of guests. It's always best to sound assertive and modest.
♦ Don't forget to write down the date, time, party venue site, phone number and address clearly in bold letters on the invitation. It would be such an embarrassment if you missed out these crucial details from the invitation.

Sending Christmas Holiday Invitations

It is very important to send out the invitations at least three to four weeks before the party date. This is to ensure your guests don't make other plans for the day. Some may even plan to go for a holiday, so it's best to notify the guests as soon as possible. Nevertheless, add a line asking them to RSVP.
You can ask them to call you up and confirm whether they will be joining in or not. Make a note to confirm your entire guest list at least a week before the party. If someone has not confirmed by then, call them up and get their confirmation. Christmas parties tend to be expensive; hence it is better you know in advance how many guests are going to turn up.
Christmas holiday invitations act as the face of your party. Sloppy invitations often turn people off, while stylish and trendy invitations interest guests. The guests realize that you are serious about throwing a great party! All the best!