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Brilliant Icebreaker Games For Christmas

Rujuta Borkar Dec 19, 2018
Need some fun Christmas icebreaker games for the party you're planning? This festive season, bring people close to your heart who have been only acquaintances till now, with some fun-filled and memorable icebreaker games.
Christmas is a special time for everyone. And when there are Christmas parties planned in the holiday season then that is double the fun. But what if you're planning a party that has a lot of assorted guests - your friends, his friends, office mates etc., all in one place?
They won't really know each other and there won't really be that connect to go ahead, and have fun. Then how do you get the party rolling and ensure that everyone has a great time? Here's an easy solution. Get in some icebreaker games, and you'll have a bunch of really happy people.

Christmas Icebreaker Party Games

When you plan for icebreaker games, you need to go with the assumption that the guests don't really know each other. But with these activities, the guests will not only know each other better, but also enjoy the activities.

Who Am I?

This one will be a preliminary round, that will get out-of-the-way introductions instead of the awkward I'm so and so. Hardly anyone listens to those. So what you do is get the group to sit in a circle and then ask each person to introduce themselves.
But along with giving the name, they have to say something quirky about themselves; could be a habit or a thing like I have 12 cats or I only eat red M&M's. After all the introductions are done, the real fun starts
The game begins when a person is tagged. A tagged person comes into the center and points at any random person, this random person has to tell his/her name and the quirky habit of the person sitting on their right side.
On the right answer, he/she can come out and tag another person, and a wrong answer will lead them to leave the circle. The game continues till there's only one person left. This is a better way of getting to know people, and it adds a lovely twist to the party games.
Scavenger hunts are always fun. Get into the Christmas mood by giving this game a Christmas twist.

Scavenger Hunt

Place Christmas-related items like a Santa hat, miniature Christmas trees, stars, etc. all over the house and yard before the party starts and the guests start pouring in.
Then when the guests arrive, divide them into teams and ask them to locate the hidden items. The team that finds the highest number of items, wins. You could even send them on an original scavenger run by making them find quaint little objects on the list and having to do tasks for the same.

Guessing Stocking

Get some stockings and put in several wrapped gifts in them. Make sure that there are quite a few gifts in there. When the guests arrive, depending on the number, either divide them into teams of two or have them play the game individually.
Give the gifts-filled stockings to the guests along with a notepad and a pen. When the music starts, the guests have to retrieve the gifts and guess what the gift is, then make a note of it. They can only do this while the music plays.
As soon as the music stops, they have to stop writing. This cycle continues for a minute or so. After the time period is over, the team or person who has got the maximum number of correct answers will be declared the winner.

Dressing Up Santa

Divide the people at the party into equal numbers and then divide them into teams. Each team is given a station (or a small area) that has the essentials of a Santa costume.
Each team has to choose a person from their group, and dress him/her up in the Santa gear. Whichever team uses most of the items and comes up with a neat looking Santa, within a given time, wins the competition. Alternately, you can use the same idea to decorate a Christmas tree, but miniature versions, of course.

Quiz Game

Draw up a Christmas trivia game of Christmas related things. Like trivia from movies, 'Christmas Facts' questions, carols and the like. Get the entire group around and have a classic quiz. This is one of the most fun Christmas party icebreaker games.

A String of Words

This game is really simple and promises a whole lot of fun. Each guest is given a piece of paper which has one word of a popular Christmas song on it.
At the ring of the buzzer, each guest has to check the allotted word, identify the song and then find those 3 people at the party who have the rest of the words listed. Upon finding their partners, they must write down the first line of the song on a paper and find their way to the referee of the game. The team that manages to do it first, wins.
Take famous and popular carols or songs so that it aids the game along smoothly. For example - Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer. This is a song that everyone knows without a doubt. Also, make sure that you only list the defining words, like in this case, 'Rudolf', 'Reindeer', 'Red-nosed' and 'Shiny' and not words like 'the' or 'and' which can be confusing.

Wreath Hoops

Dangle a wreath from the ceiling and place it at a reachable height. Divide the guests into pairs of twos. Each duo is given a selected number of ping pong balls or crumpled paper (30, for example).
One person from the duo is blindfolded. At the blow of the whistle, the person who is not blindfolded has to lead their blindfolded partner to the wreath (a spot at the distance of 5-8 feet is marked), then has to hand them the crumpled papers one by one and give instructions on throwing the papers through the wreath.
A stipulated time is set (30 seconds) and there will be a referee to check the proceedings. All the duos will have a go at this. The team that manages to throw in maximum papers in the shortest time, wins. It's a really fun game that promises a lot of excitement.
These were some of the most simple, yet some of the most fun Christmas icebreaker games that you could use at your Christmas party. Just try these and see the fun that ensues.