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Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

Mamta Mule Dec 18, 2018
Searching for Christmas mantel decorating ideas? Here are a few tips and ideas on the same that you can use for decorating the fireplace mantel in your house.
A fireplace mantel often becomes the focal point of your interiors. While you start with various Christmas decorations, you can't forget beautifying the mantel, right? And if you are searching for Christmas mantel decorating ideas, then you have clicked the right link.
Here are some ideas that can help you in spicing up the mantel and giving it a perfect festive finish. With the right accessories, you can easily revamp the structure.

Refinish It

Before you start implementing different decoration ideas, it is essential to have the mantel cleaned up and refinished as well. Clean it thoroughly to give it a fresh look.
Once this is done, go ahead with the following ideas that can make it a great looking mantel. Also, de-clutter the mantel top if there are any objects placed over it.

Have a Theme

Having a decoration theme will give a well-defined look to the decorations. Why not have lovely color themes? Popular Christmas colors like red and green, red and white can be used to beautify the mantel.
Combination of red and silver color, red and golden color work very well.
With a natural theme, you can include various elements of nature, like fruits, leaves, flowers and jazz up the mantel. A sparkling fireplace decoration with a glitter theme, where you can add various elements to illuminate and add shimmer to the mantel is a nice idea.

Add Christmas Accents

Well, here's the section that most of you were eager to read. Add up decorative elements to play up the homemade decorations. Start with a Christmas scarf that is placed on top of the mantel. It is available in a number of designs and colors.
Next, add a classic garland with bright poinsettias and unique varieties of conifers weaved in it. You can also add a wonderful Christmas wreath to the wall above the mantel. Make sure that the elements used in wreath and garland are the same to have a classy effect.
Further add a few red or other colored stockings, which are the 'must haves' of Christmas decor, to this mantel. These can be hung at the top border of mantel in a line.
With each of these, add other elements like laces, metallic balls, flowers, leaves, miniature bells and candy cane sticks.
One of the easiest ideas is to place decorative candles with glass candle holders on the mantel top. Place decorative metallic fruits and painted leaves to play up the mantel decor.

The Finishing Touch

Illuminate the mantel with a colored light string. Further, place two classic candle stands with large candles in front of the mantel, on each side. Place a well decorated tree, right besides this mantel.
Other finishing pieces can be some snaps of your family, framed and placed over beautiful mantel or a decorative round mirror hung instead of the wreath. You can also have two large stockings or a line of small stockings hung on the mantel border.
As mentioned earlier, a color theme works the best. Instead of randomly adding decorative items, make sure that you have a specific idea in mind. Finish with a golden or silver metallic garland to adore the mantel borders.
With the aforementioned ideas, get started to decorate the fireplace mantel in your house. Make sure that you pick the decor pieces and accessories, according to the theme you have decide. Consider each prominent item, placed near the mantel, so as to make sure that the overall appearance of that area is simply awesome.