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Christmas Ornament Crafts

Charlie S Dec 18, 2018
Making homemade Christmas ornaments are the best way to add a personal touch to your home. Read on to know some easy homemade ideas to make your very own ornaments.
The best way to decorate a Christmas tree is by making use of the various ornaments which give an altogether new and fresh look to the tree. Handmade ones are far more appealing, beautiful and praise-worthy than the decorative items which have been bought in ready-made form from stores.
People from all age groups can have a lot of fun and entertainment, while making these cool ornament crafts. Given here are some Christmas crafts ideas, with a more personal feel and touch when creating these from scratch.

Santa Claus Ornament

Materials Needed:
8 large craft sticks
♦ A colorful ribbon
♦ Scissors
♦ Paint set (acrylic)
♦ Super glue (use a glue gun for better adhesive action)
♦ A set of wiggly eyes
♦ A pack of cotton
♦ Red chart paper
♦ Santa Claus face cutout for reference
How to Begin:
Glue-stick six out of the eight craft sticks together, waiting for it to dry before moving on to step two. We suggest doing glue related work a day prior, to avoid waiting when you sit to make the craft. As the sticks are firmly glued together, stick the other two craft sticks horizontally above the top of the six, leaving a two-inch gap above.
Once that is also firmly glued down, use the acrylic paint to color the horizontal sticks in stark white, using light pink paint to lightly coat each side of the vertical sticks (in circular strokes) to resemble Santa's rosy cheeks. Use cotton to stick the front of vertical sticks where for his beard, towards the base, following the picture as reference.
Fluff up the cotton, making it fall a little ahead of the base of the vertical ends of the craft sticks, for his long beard. Once that sticks on well, you can proceed to glue on your wiggly eyes. Lastly, cut out your red chart paper in the shape of a triangle, sticking about four layers of this together to give it thickness.
Place this directly above the horizontal craft sticks that were painted white, and then line the peak of the chart paper, with a cotton ball. You can make a couple of these Santa Claus ornaments, finishing it off by punching a hole right at the top of the Claus and looping it with silver/gold thread.

Countdown Paper Chain

This is an exciting ornament to make, where you should ideally make this before the first week of December, to begin the countdown post the 1st.
Materials Needed:
♦ Glue gun
♦ Colorful chart paper
♦ Black marker
♦ Colorful glitter
♦ Puncher
♦ Colorful ribbons
♦ Ruler
♦ Scissors
How to Begin:
Cut chart paper using 6/6 inch measurements, using different colors in the same sizes to represent the days of the month. December has 31 days, so cut out your chart paper accordingly. Once you're done, punch holes in a straight line, using the puncher and a ruler to even out the holes.
From here, slip into the punched holes the colorful ribbons, making sure you only bind two holes together in between the chart paper sheets, and not across. When you hold it up, it should look like a connecting link chain, and not a tightly wound strip of colorful chart paper.
Once you have your 31 colored chart papers strung together, in bold, thick font write out the numbers 1 to 31. Add Christmas-esque detailing to each one, to make it more fun looking. Like for example, a reindeer on Dec the 1st, a stocking on the 2nd, a red and white striped candy cane on the 3rd and so on. Use colors to bring out your countdown ornament.
Hang this up in a part of your home where you can firmly stick the ends of the ornament along say, a wall surface that is visible to everyone. Use the glitter to mark off each day of the month as it lapses. On the 25th and 31st chart papers, use unique detailing and fonts to showcase Christmas and New Year's Eve.
The best kind of edible ornaments to use, should you want to experiment, is either in dark chocolate, stiff fondant or of course candy. You can easily bake these in your kitchen, purchasing metal cutouts to design your cookies/treats in varied shapes and characters that represent Christmas.
A ton of recipes online can help with your baking endeavor to replicate an ornament that you can hang up on your Christmas tree, and of course devour whenever your sweet tooth gets the best of you. Happy holidays!