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Interesting and Amusing Christmas Party Games

Neil Valentine D'Silva Dec 17, 2018
Take a Christmas tree (or use a large picture and fix it to a board). Make some cards, write Christmas trivia questions on them. Attach them on the tree, face-down. Call your players one by one. Give them a pin to pin it onto the tree. Remove it, ask them the question. Give scores as per the answers.
Passing the Parcel has been an ever-popular party game. What we are talking about here is not just the regular passing the parcel, but the same game with a Christmas twist.
Keep the parcel something in tune with the Christmas theme, like a little Santa stuffed toy, a gift box, etc., which the winner can open and claim when the game is over. Instead of regular music, play Christmas carols.
Now, if someone is caught with the parcel when the music stops, instead of ousting them from the game unceremoniously, have them come up to the center of the group and ask them a Christmas trivia question.
If they answer the question correctly, let them rejoin the game, and if they cannot, they are out! This way, you can ensure the game goes on longer too. The person who lasts till the end is the winner. However, make sure you have enough trivia questions.
Hide about 20 things (select Christmas-related things) in different places, indoors or outdoor. Then draw up two lists of things. Divide players in two groups and give them the lists. Let them find out the things and bring them to the center table. The team that brings in the largest number of items wins!
Adding clues will make the game easier and add to the fun element. You can put clues like this - Under the table, and over the carpet brown; I lay there, find me before sundown!
Of course, you will have several tables in your house, and then too, there are many possibilities of hiding things under tables! You can think of putting clues with the items people find. Like, if they find the first item, they will find the clue to the second item kept with it. This keeps the mystery of the game going on
Make the players sit in a circle, write something Christmas-related on a card and show this card to the first person. He or she has to memorize the line, and then whisper it in the ear of the next person.
The message is to travel in this manner till it reaches the last person. Ask the last person to say it out aloud. It is a very rare chance that the person will say it right. It will surely be a moment of great hilarity when you compare it with what is written on the card!

Four Corners

The game requires only some amount of prior preparation. You need a CD player and Christmas carol CDs. Then you need four A4-sized sheets of paper on which you have to write down names of four cities Jesus visited.
For example; Galilee, Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Jordan. Stick these sheets at four corners of the place, high enough so that everybody can see. Also write the names of these cities on 4 small cards, fold, and place into a box/bag.
When the music starts people start walking from one corner to another. When the music stops, people run quickly to a corner of their choice and stand. If a person is not at a corner, he or she is out. Then from a bag of four cards, you are to remove one card and say, Jesus has decided to visit 'Galilee' (or any of the four places mentioned on the chit).
The people standing at that place are out and have to leave the game. The one who sustains till the end is the winner. You can make this game more fun by dividing your players into two groups. Tell people to come up alternately from each of the groups and ask them questions. Keep your questions interesting.

In, Out!

This is a real fun game to play if you have kids and teenagers as your guests. Moreover, having a spacious space would be ideal for this game. Draw a huge circle on the floor with a chalk. Make everyone stand around the circle (on the outer side).
When the referee says - In, everyone has to jump inside the circle. When he says - Out, they have to jump out. The actual fun begins when the referee stars confusing them, by saying something like In - Out - In - Out - Out!
It will be fun to see how everyone goes out when they should be in, and stays in when they should be out! To make this game Christmassy, you can add Christmas-related gifts for the winners. And, instead of drawing a plain circle, you can draw a decorative wreath on the floor.
Apart from these, you can play other interesting games, like relay, memory game, charades, or plan fun activities like decorating a Christmas tree in a funny way, or making a snowman. You can even come up with your own games.
Just think of a party game, add a Christmas twist to it, and your themed party game is ready! However, make sure you have interesting prizes at the end to excite the guests. Have fun!